John Gaglione

Strength Training & Powerlifting Coach


“Educate. Motivate. Dominate.”

Why I love to coach:

I have always had it inside me to teach, coach and help others. I started learning about proper strength training and coaching others because I failed at reaching my goals as a high school athlete due to improper training and injuries. I never wanted anyone else to go through the hardship I went through.

Words I live by:

Our company motto is “Educate. Motivate. Dominate.” I want to educate people to train smart and optimally, inspire them to work hard and to be consistent so they can achieve their goals no matter what their situation.

My biggest inspiration or motivation:

The thing that motivates me is leading from the front. One of the reasons I still train hard and compete is because I think it is important coaches practice what they preach and I always want to set the example for the athletes that we work with.

The best goal CoachNow helped me accomplish:

It allows for organized communication between the athlete and coach and I believe it’s the next best thing to actual live coaching!


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