“Four roles at any athletic contest. Players, Coach, Official and Spectator. Choose one and do it to the best of your ability.” Proactive Coaching LLC

You hear it from so many coaches and even officials, that spectators aka Parents, try to play coach from the sidelines.  Kevin Eastman, VP of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Clippers, did a drill with his AAU team and the parents in the stands. You can hear what happened next in the video below.


Parents need to remember they are there for their children! Parents should lead by example, by respecting coaches and officials and let them do what they are there to do, COACH and OFFICIATE! If a parent wants to give directions from the sideline, then they need to take the appropriate steps to become exactly what they wish to be, a coach and/or an official. Be a parent, support your child and show some respect to those in charge!