About us

To dramatically grow sports and coach to athlete connections via a comprehensive coaching and learning platform that coaches at all levels can utilize.

Who we are

As coaches and athletes we’ve seen and felt the struggle of juggling different applications to monitor progress, colllect training data, video analysis and feedback. We saw the need for an all-in-one platform where both coaches and athletes could communicate, educate and collaborate.

Servicing over 60 sports in over 140 different countries, CoachNow has been making an impact with Coaches and members in Club, Collegiate and Professional Teams, Academies, Businesses and more.

Brand promise

We want to help coaches create a better balance between work and life.

Coaching requires relentless teaching and passion that impacts generations of athletes. We want to help coaches by simplifying the way they collaborate and communicate, and ultimately save them time. Our goal is to be essential to the success of coaches and athletes around the world by enabling their relationships and development through the technology we create.