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CoachNow is 100% FREE for athletes and parents, and always will be.
Why You're Here
Look, coaching ain't cheap. You're spending hard-earned money on your coach with the sole purpose of getting better at your sport. We're here to help you maximize the return on your coaching investment.

CoachNow boasts a ton of features aimed at helping you get better, faster. We provide state-of-the-art technology to give you unprecedented access to your coach and team.

If you're an athlete looking to level up your training and improve your coaching relationships, we'd love to have you on board.

Getting Started is EASY
As an athlete, you can access your account in one of two ways:
In most cases, your coach will simply add you to their private Space or Group. Simply accept your invite via email and create your free account.

Have questions? Contact your coach.
Follow the Email Invite Sent From Your Coach
Didn't receive an invite? No problem. Just create your account by clicking the button below. Once you're in your account, click "Create a Space" and select "I'm the Athlete". Then add your coaches email to your Space, and they'll be good to go.
Create an Account and Invite Your Coach
Create My Free Account
Distraction (& Algorithm)
Free Coaching
Access your training plans, communicate with your coach, post videos and images while you're practicing, and receive detailed feedback in real time in secure, private feeds dedicated solely to your improvement.

No algorithms, no feeds, no ads. The entire platform was built with your athletic journey in mind.
Spaсes - Your Private, Secure Communication Hub
"Spaces" are where the CoachNow magic happens - your private training space to communicate one-on-one with your Coach.

View your training plans, post clips of your practice sessions, and receive dynamic feedback in a private feed dedicated solely to your improvement.
All your past videos, images, plans, and interactions are easily reachable in your Space.

CoachNow is like a progress journal for you and your coaches to see how far you've come.

Imagine looking back at your entire athletic journey, documented in one, distraction-free place.
Your Athletic Journey, Documented
Post and Reply With Any Media Format in your Space
Quickly Post or Reply with Videos, Images, Audio, Text, Spreadsheets, Documents, and more – all easily accessible, right when you need them.

Give your coach a "Fist Bump" to let them know you saw their posts. Plus, you can always add a comment to ask clarifying questions and ensure you're on the right track.

Invite your parents, friends, teammates, or other coaches into your Space.

There they can stay up to date with your training, give kudos, and support you on every step of your athletic journey.
Keep Your Biggest Fans in the Loop
Easily reuse all past documents, videos, and photos with your personal Cloud Library.

Your free account includes Cloud Storage, helping you save precious hard drive space and allowing you to reuse your content across all your devices.
All Your Media, Saved Securely in One Place
Video and Image Analysis is seamlessly integrated into your private Space.

In CoachNow, your coach can provide detailed analyses and feedback, directly on the images and videos you post. Plus, you can even conduct your own analyses - the entire video and image analysis suite is included with your free membership.
Video and Image Analysis with Context and Intention

Communicate at Home or on the Go
Access your CoachNow Account from a website browser or mobile device via the iOS and Android Apps.

Connect with your coach anytime while you're on the go. It's like having your coach in your pocket.

At CoachNow, We Enhance EVERY Aspect of the Coach Athlete Relationship
We designed the platform's communication features to be highly versatile and compatible with every sport and training philosophy.

That's why Athletes and Coaches in 60+ sports and 140 countries count on CoachNow each and every day.
It Pays to Use a Coaching App
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