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3 Honest Things from One Coach to Another

This is the first season, in 12 seasons, that I do not have a team. There are certain things that I will not miss (i.e. fundraising, pressure to recruit but disguise it, end of season banquets) but if I am honest I really miss having a team. Every team requires...

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Youth Sports and The Ride Home

  70% of kids quit playing sports before High School. There seems to be a little confusion when it comes to youth sports and the behavior of parents, when it's directed at the athletes and the officials. Much of our youth sports should be aimed at teaching the...

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Three Coaches Who Get It

There is tremendous amount of confusion and resentment out there in the Golf and the Fitness worlds, and the moment you combine those two worlds, it seems there is an explosion of #Knowitallism that far exceeds my wildest dreams. So this little summary will NOT be...

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Patience in Youth Coaching

“It’s a marathon, not a sprint.” Emily West, USA Hockey   I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this over the last 20 years. From personal training, to Crossfit games coaches, to little league and rec coaches, this statement has been consistent across the board....

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CoachNow Partners with SportsEngine to Make Coaching Easier

CoachNow is where Coaching Matters™.  We want our coaches to feel like they are making a difference in the sport they love and for the athletes, they coach. We built this partnership with SportsEngine to make coaching easier on you by letting you import your existing...

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Exciting Changes Are Here for CoachNow!

We’re excited to announce some serious upgrades to the CoachNow platform that are guaranteed to make your coaching life easier and more impactful. Not only have we completely reworked how Teams operate but we gave our Web App a major facelift. Teams V2 -  Coaches will...

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5 Tips for a Super Squat

Some people say the squat is the king of all lifts. And for good reason as the squat is one of the best exercises to build size, strength and even create a more powerful athlete. The key to success not just in squatting but it’s also about how you squat. Here are some...

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5 Tips to Dominate the Deadlift

For size and strength, it can be hard to argue the deadlift is one of the best bang for your buck exercises out there. Like many things in life with great reward, there is often a great risk. The deadlift when executed improperly can be problematic to even the most...

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Occupational Therapist Rachel Kahn, Talks Client Training

Although there is a method to my training technique, there is also a sense of exploration while working with my clients. I frequently introduce new exercises, complex setups with multiple pieces of equipment, and different exercise progressions. This is where CoachNow...

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