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5 Tips to Dominate the Deadlift

For size and strength, it can be hard to argue the deadlift is one of the best bang for your buck exercises out there. Like many things in life with great reward, there is often a great risk. The deadlift when executed improperly can be problematic to even the most...

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Occupational Therapist Rachel Kahn, Talks Client Training

Although there is a method to my training technique, there is also a sense of exploration while working with my clients. I frequently introduce new exercises, complex setups with multiple pieces of equipment, and different exercise progressions. This is where CoachNow...

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Rachel Kahn – No Limits Collaborative

In today's society, technology is the first tool we all find ourselves reaching for to improve our lives. Three years ago, one of my clients introduced me to CoachNow, an online documentation platform for coaches and athletes, and I was immediately hooked. I soon...

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Interview with Lance Gill

Lance Gill is the Co-Director of the Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Advisory Board. Along with his partner Jason Glass, Lance helps to establish player development protocols when it comes to functional movement restoration, physical screening, strength and...

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The Origin of CoachNow

Today’s society is all about going digital, having instant information in the palm of their hands.  With coaching, this has been a bit of a challenge. How do you manage athletes, track progress, teach and educate when you’re remote or only see your client’s once a...

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Shawn Humphries of EPS talks Goal Setting

As a coach, you need to have a strategic plan to help your students achieve their desired level of performance and personal goals. Each year, you should ask them “What are your goals for this season?” If players haven’t taken the time to set them, there is a good...

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Attention Coaching Experts!

We are looking for experts from all different sports and athletic industries to help us create original content to help educate our community of coaches! If you’re a head coach, assistant coach, sports medicine professional, sports therapist, or any other...

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Level Up Radio presented by CoachNow

Hosted by CoachNow Founder Spencer Dennis our aim is simple - to help you get better faster. This is your chance to get inside the minds of the heroes behind the heroes, those on the field day in day out making their living helping others reach their goals. We'll be...

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CoachNow – For Coaches, By Coaches

As a coach, there are an endless amount of options when it comes to platforms, applications, and programs you can use for coaching. You can kick it old school and create a program in an excel sheet, pass along documents in Dropbox, and of course communicate all this...

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