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I was reminded today of one our core best practices here at Edufii - Make sure you dictate how you communicate with your athletes and their parents, not the other way around. In other words "go all in"! Far too often even if using Edufii we accept and reply to texts...

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Our Latest Release – Library, Segments, Filters and More

What's new for COACH+ members: Segments - Group TrainingSpaces together to streamline organization as well as communication Library - post, reply and even compare media from your library. Share drills, compare model examples and even add new media to your library...

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Introspective Self Reflection

Introspective Self Reflection is a skill the highest achievers have and it can definitely be coached. Here Cameron McCormick Edufii advisor and coach of multiple major champion Jordan Spieth introduce the importance of this major skill. Post-session video recaps are...

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5 Tips to Get Your Athletes Better, Faster with Edufii

Edufii was created by coaches for coaches to make a positive impact for you and your athletes. Whether you coach for the love of the game or have a passion for teaching and motivating young athletes to reach their maximum potential, we've all experienced those "down"...

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The Art of Coaching Now Includes Science

The art of coaching has changed over recent years in that the intuitive and instinctive "art" is now being balanced out with data and technology. It seems that every day we have access to more data points or different numbers to analyze. We've seen movies like...

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