When it comes to your athletes, data collection is key. Understanding where your athletes have been and how to continually improve them and move them towards their goals takes time and correction. For golf coaches, this is something we can help you dig deeper into.

Introducing Golfshot, an app that allows you to not only monitor your athlete’s progress but also breaks down hole by hole performance. This app has a number of benefits to both the coach and the athlete.

With 3D flyovers of each course, you and your athlete can strategize beforehand and discuss the options for each hole. Each course lists the yardage from tee to hole, allowing you and your athlete to create a game plan for each course.

As a coach, you will be able to track their improvements on every hole, each and every time they play. Similar to Edufii, Golfshot allows you to create notes so your athlete can jot down what club they used, where they may have struggled and any other information you as a coach may find useful.

To help get you started we want to offer you this app for only $9.99 for your first year. With the coach-athlete relationship, we want to make sure you have everything you need to succeed. We want to ensure that every moment, is a teachable moment and with our technology, we plan to do just that.

To get started you can download the iOS version here and the Android version here