As a coach, there are an endless amount of options when it comes to platforms, applications, and programs you can use for coaching. You can kick it old school and create a program in an excel sheet, pass along documents in Dropbox, and of course communicate all this information to your athletes via email, texting, Facebook, and more.  No two athletes are the same, no two coaches are the same, just as no two coaching communication platforms are the same.

CoachNow was designed for coaches by coaches to eliminate the time and headaches caused by regurgitating information to athletes and parents by housing all media, documents, assessments, updates, and programs all in one space.

SportTechie published an article on how they see CoachNow fitting into the coaching world. Here’s a quick snippet:

At its core, coaching has always been as much about building and maintaining relationships as it is about the instructional knowledge being passed along.”


“Many coaches, however, experience frustration over the hours they spend communicating with players long after their regular practice sessions have ended. But CoachNow (formerly known as Edufii) offers a solution in the form of a one-stop technological hub of information and analysis that takes the busywork out of maintaining lines of communication – all without coaches losing their personal connection to their students.” – SportsTechie 

You can check out the full article here. And make sure to download the all, new CoachNow for iOS and Android