CoachNow is where Coaching Matters™.  We want our coaches to feel like they are making a difference in the sport they love and for the athletes, they coach. We built this partnership with SportsEngine to make coaching easier on you by letting you import your existing team roster through our direct Roster integration with SportsEngine.

We know coaching sports is much more than just coaching, it’s being a mentor, a role model, a leader, and a teacher. So we’re working hard to develop new partnerships like SportsEngine and new features like Teams and Groups to give you the tools you need as a committed coach to do an exceptional job, in one place, for every athlete, every team, and every season.

“Coaches hold a huge responsibility in the lives of young players they instruct,” said Rick Ehrman, Vice President of Business Development, SportsEngine. “For CoachNow to have all of your coaching tools in one place – analysis, progress tracking, and engagement – is a huge benefit to all SportsEngine coaches, parents, and players as we strive to continue improving and developing young athletes.” Click here to read the full press release from SportsEngine and CoachNow. 

We know coaching is much more than just being a coach. It’s being a mentor, a teacher, and a role model for athletes.” said Ben Addoms, CEO, Shotzoom Software. “Our purpose is making coaches lives easier and giving them all the tools they need to fulfill their passion for developing their teams and athletes. Our partnership with SportsEngine makes sense because we share a commitment to the growth and health of youth sports.  We see this as another important step in helping committed coaches make a difference in the sport they love and for the athletes, they coach.”

We’re here for you, and you’ve told us how much you love coaching with CoachNow. That feedback gets us really motivated to make it even better, and we aren’t even close to thinking the job is done yet.  

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SportsEngine is the leading software provider of sport life management solutions for 35 million coaches, parents, athletes and sport relationship management applications for more than 1 Million clubs, leagues, governing bodies and associations around the world.