Edufii just got a whole lot better with our latest 3.1.7 iOS release! Coaches can now utilize the most comprehensive set of built-in video and image analysis tools to help their athletes and teams perform better, faster! While we are far from a being a “Video Analysis App”, we know that being able to break down technique is a huge part of the development process. You can now enjoy these built-in features in Edufii:

* Slow Mo: Slow it down with a wheel with frame by frame controls and ratio playback
* Voiceovers: Record that coaching wisdom accompanied by lines not only on video but images as well
* Compare: It’s up to you whether it’s 2 videos, 2 images or even an image next to a video
* Snapshot: Ever wanted to save just a frame of a video or comparison? Well now you can with “Snapshot”
* Zoom: Get a closer look to make sure your videos and images size up just right no matter how they were captured
8 In sync: Video linking makes sure you’re video comparisons can start and stop as you see fit

You can see all these great, new features in action in this video tutorial:

And last but not least – all of these new voiceovers or snapshots can be saved either as a new post or as a reply to the original one ensuring that you’ll never lose track of progress or continuity. Edufii iOS members make sure you have version [3.1.7 installed on your iPhone or iPad]. Android users you’ve been good to go for a while but never the less, be sure you have the latest version of Edufii too. Enjoy!