We’re excited to announce some serious upgrades to the CoachNow platform that are guaranteed to make your coaching life easier and more impactful. Not only have we completely reworked how Teams operate but we gave our Web App a major facelift.

Teams V2 –  Coaches will have multiple options for seamlessly importing their rosters/athlete lists into the CoachNow platform. When you import your roster in you will be able to add jersey numbers and positions to your athletes as well as add them to separate groups for more accurate communication.

This is not only a huge update for Team Coaches but also for academies, league administrators, camps, clinics, group training, certification programs and even coaching forums. Groups within Teams allows for better organizing of your athletes, parents and additional coaches.


Why should you import your rosters? What can we do for you?

Other coaching tools make it hard to get the right messages to the right people. With CoachNow – Text, audio, video & photo analysis, documents, schedules, forms and whatever else you need can call go in one place with simple filtering features so you don’t have to scroll for days to find what you need. Stop bouncing around from text, to email, to video tool, to shared documents. Put it all in CoachNow and run your whole coaching life in one place.

Web App Facelift – If you are an existing member of CoachNow you’ll also notice a bit of a new look within the app along with the exciting updates above. Over the next couple of months, we will continue to make it even easier and quicker to get the most out of the web version.

Not sure if you’re in the right place? Want to learn more?

We’re here for you and there’s a bunch of ways you can try us out. We love talking to coaches because we are coaches too, so feel free to set up some time with us to learn how we can help you. We’ll work with your schedule just click HERE to set up some time.

You can also create an account and give CoachNow a go on your own if you like. We have a free 14-day trial that will let you test out our entire set of features.