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You're In Good Company
The world's best coaches, academies, and national programs in 60+ sports across 140 countries rely on CoachNow each and every day.
"CoachNow has improved our coach/athlete/parent experience in every sport at every level."
Assistant Athletics Director IMGA Academy
Josh Pridokas
Nicole Fougerousse
Founder of NF Softball
"Before CoachNow, I was working 70 hrs per week and burning out. Now, I'm down to 16 hrs and making over $100k per year!"
Kibwe Johnson
2x Olympian, T&F Coach
"Thanks to CoachNow, I am in a position of influence among throwers of all ages anywhere in the world."
Why CoachNow?
CoachNow was built for coaches, by coaches.

We designed the platform to not only deliver state-of-the-art-video analysis features, but also a private communication channel and contact database for individual and group coaching.

If you're a Coach looking to unlock your TIME, increase your income, and coach wherever you are in the world, we'd love to have you on board.
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Explore CoachNow Features
Spaсes - Your Private, Secure Athlete Communication Channel
"Spaces" are where the CoachNow magic happens - your private training space to communicate one-on-one with your athletes.

Create posts, analyze videos, and give feedback in a secure, private channel dedicated solely to your athlete's improvement.
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Groups - Your
One-To-Many Platform
Coaching a team or group of athletes? "Groups" are like Spaces, but designed with features that support a team environment.

Within "Groups", create channels of common topics (e.g. "Scheduling", "Game day Plans", "Team Goals"), allowing your whole team to easily communicate and achieve their goals faster than ever.
Post and Reply With Any Media Format Across Spaces and Groups
Quickly Post or Reply in a Space or Group with Videos, Images, Audio, Text, Spreadsheets, Documents and more – all easily accessible, right when you need them.

Give your athletes a "Fist Bump" to cheer on their posts or comments.

Use "Tags" to add keywords to your posts, making it easy to find what you need, when you need it.
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coachnow pro post scheduling feature
Post Scheduling
(CoachNow PRO)
Your coaching, now automated. Perfect for programming, paid courses, or if you simply want to get ahead so you can take a vacation.
Views Tracking
(CoachNow PRO)
Views Tracking gives you valuable insight into how your athletes are engaging with your coaching content.

See WHO has viewed your post and WHEN they viewed it.
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With "Lists", you can send the same post to thousands of people, where they can reply directly to you in their Space. Example lists might include your juniors, adults, pros, college players, etc.

Lists allow you to curate a feeling of personalization and community, all while saving you tons of time.
Lists - Your Mass Messaging Solution
Templates - Your Coaching, Automated
Templates allow you to pre-populate content in one place and have it at your fingertips.

No more copying and pasting from a notes app or endlessly scrolling through your phone to find that perfect message. Create a Template once and have it handy whenever you need it.
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Video and Image Analysis with Context and Intention
Video and Image Analysis is seamlessly integrated into Spaces and Groups.

That's because we believe Video and Image Analysis is a powerful COMMUNICATION tool. In CoachNow, your analyses are accessible right where your athletes need it, with all the context and feedback that led up to that moment.
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All Your Media, Saved Securely in One Place
Easily reuse all past documents, videos, and photos with your personal Cloud Library.

All paid plans include Cloud Storage, helping you save precious hard drive space and allowing you to reuse your coaching content across all your devices.
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CoachNow Main
- Bringing it All Together
The main feed aggregates all communication across your various Spaces and Groups into one bird's-eye view.

In the feed, you can search for keywords across all your spaces and groups, and even search based on tags, media type, and Month/ Year.

Push notifications from your feed are sent directly to your mobile device, based on your preferences.
Communicate at Home or on the Go
Access your CoachNow Account from a website browser or mobile device via the iOS and Android Apps.

Stay on the pulse of your athlete development while you're on the go.
Ready to Uplevel Your Coaching?
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