Lance Gill is the Co-Director of the Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Advisory Board. Along with his partner Jason Glass, Lance helps to establish player development protocols when it comes to functional movement restoration, physical screening, strength and power screening.

In addition, Lance is the Lead Instructor for the TPI Level 1 & @ Fitness seminars that are put on globally. Lance has taught over 10,000 experts in his past 13 years, in a variety of fields;  from Golf fitness to Junior and Biomechanical proficiencies.

Lance has become so knowledgeable in his field that he has opened LG Performance. Lance Gill (LG) Performance is a private golf performance company that specializes in fitness screenings, biomechanics, instruction, life coaching and more. You can read more about Lance and his expertise in the golf fitness industry at his site

To learn more about Lance and his coaching endeavors make sure to listen to the Level Up Radio presented by CoachNow Podcast found on iTunes and Google Play.