Jeremy Anderson

Director of Instruction at Golf Channel Academy at The Legacy Golf Resort

“If you outwork everyone, your only opponent is the moment!”

Why I love to coach:

I love the game of golf and I love coaching because I get to see the look on my students’ faces when they do something that is better than they ever imagined.

Words I live by:

If you outwork everyone, your only opponent is the moment!

My biggest inspiration or motivation:

I am never satisfied. That is pure and simple a personality trait. I am motivated by fear. Fear motivates me to constantly better myself.

The best goal CoachNow helped me accomplish:

CoachNow is instrumental in helping me stay connected with my students on a state of the art coaching platform. It makes me look good and quite frankly helps me be more efficient in running my business.

Certifications and Awards:

2018 PGA Teacher of the Year – Southwest PGA Section

Golf Digest Best Young Teachers 2018-2019

Medicus 5 Simple Keys Director of Instruction

Callaway Golf Master Staff Professional


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Jeremy Anderson is the Director of Instruction and Lead Coach for the Golf Channel Academy at the Legacy Golf Performance Center in Phoenix, AZ. Jeremy was awarded the 2018 PGA Teacher of the Year for the Southwest PGA Section.  Jeremy is known as “The Golf Swing Guru”. Jeremy specializes in full swing through utilization of all different forms of technology that he owns such as FlightScope, AMM 3D, BodiTrak, & Focusband. A six-time Nominee for Illinois PGA Teacher of the Year, Jeremy, has had many students qualify for USGA events, get scholarships and win college tournaments, and win many national/international junior golf tournaments. Jeremy is also a featured writer for and The Huffington Post. An accomplished player in his own right, Jeremy still loves to compete. Although, Jeremy truly loves coaching players to their highest levels and training them to win! His mantra to his students is that “If you outwork everyone your only opponent is the moment.”