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We designed the platform to not only deliver state-of-the-art-video analysis features, but also a private communication channel and contact database for individual and group coaching.

If you're a Coach looking to unlock your TIME, increase your income, and coach wherever you are in the world, we'd love to have you on board.
Why CoachNow?
Rapid Fire Overview
CoachNow's Video and Image Analysis Suite
Video and Image Analysis is our Bread and Butter. And we do it better than anyone else.

Watch this video for an overview of our world-class features like AI-Enabled Analysis, Voice Over, Versus Mode, CoachCam, and MORE.
Explore Video and Image Analysis Features
Precisely Analyze Movement with AI-Enabled Skeleton Tracking
This cutting-edge technology automatically detects and tracks the movements of athletes in your videos, overlaying a visual representation of their body structure. For extra precision, you can even tap on any joint to view its current angle.

This tool can be used with all the other powerful CoachNow analysis tools, giving you that extra layer of feedback needed for advanced micro movements & form. Plus.... It looks super cool.
CoachNow comes packed with a suite of annotation tools that are useful for any occasion.

Use angles, shapes, timers, etc to provide technical feedback and keep your athlete hyper-aware of their form.

Draw directly on photos or videos while doing a voice over for added clarity and specificity.
Eliminate Confusion with Dynamic Annotation Tools
For technical movements, it's crucial that you can see the granularity of your athlete's motion.

Slow motion playback allows you to break down every movement and deliver feedback with pinpoint accuracy every time
Slow Down the Action and Offer Hyper-Specific Feedback with Slow Motion Capability
Add your voice to any video or photo to add more context to your training. That's right, you can even turn a photo into a video.

Using this feature is an easy, fast, and potent way to deliver high value coaching feedback in a high touch way.
Add Context to Your Feedback with Built in Voice Over
Now you can activate your front or rear camera during a voiceover for additional personalization and feedback. In other words, now your athletes can see you in a picture-in-picture window during your analysis.
Activate "CoachCam" (PRO Only)
CoachNow gives you the ability to put two videos or images side by side and compare them directly.

Whether that's with the same athlete past and present, or a comparison to a more advanced player.

Seeing two shots side by side give a far more dynamic and insightful look than a single shot.
Compare Your Athletes Side-by-Side with Comparison Shots
Access the Video Analysis Tools directly in an athlete Space or Group on iOS or Android. When creating a post, you can shoot a new video, re-use a video from your Personal CoachNow library, or upload one from your camera roll.

With CoachNow PRO, never run out of space with 300GB of Cloud Storage to store your game footage, drills and more.
Shoot Directly in App, Reuse Videos in Your Cloud Library, or Upload Directly from Your Camera Roll
CoachNow's Communication Features
Spaсes - Your Private, Secure Athlete Communication Channel
"Spaces" are where the CoachNow magic happens - your private training space to communicate one-on-one with your athletes.

Create posts, analyze videos, and give feedback in a secure, private channel dedicated solely to your athlete's improvement.
Coaching a team or group of athletes? "Groups" are like Spaces, but designed with features that support a team environment.

Within "Groups", create channels of common topics (e.g. "Scheduling", "Game day Plans", "Team Goals"), allowing your whole team to easily communicate and achieve their goals faster than ever.
Groups - Your
One-To-Many Platform
Post and Reply With Any Media Format Across Spaces and Groups
Quickly Post or Reply in a Space or Group with Videos, Images, Audio, Text, Spreadsheets, Documents and more – all easily accessible, right when you need them.

Give your athletes a "Fist Bump" to cheer on their posts or comments.

Use "Tags" to add keywords to your posts, making it easy to find what you need, when you need it.
Your coaching, now automated. Perfect for programming, paid courses, or if you simply want to get ahead so you can take a vacation.
Post Scheduling
(CoachNow PRO)
With "Lists", you can send the same post to thousands of people, where they can reply directly to you in their Space. Example lists might include your juniors, adults, pros, college players, etc.

Lists allow you to curate a feeling of personalization and community, all while saving you tons of time.
Lists - Your Mass Messaging Solution
Templates allow you to pre-populate content in one place and have it at your fingertips.

No more copying and pasting from a notes app or endlessly scrolling through your phone to find that perfect message. Create a Template once and have it handy whenever you need it.
Templates - Your Coaching, Automated
The main feed aggregates all communication across your various Spaces and Groups into one bird's-eye view.

In the feed, you can search for keywords across all your spaces and groups, and even search based on tags, media type, and Month/ Year.

Push notifications from your feed are sent directly to your mobile device, based on your preferences.
CoachNow Main
- Bringing it All Together
Superimpose timers on videos and images to give your athletes more precise feedback. Add as many timers at whatever intervals you'd like.
Break Your Personal Record with the Timer Tool
Access All Your Content from Any Device with Cloud Storage
Included Cloud Storage helps you save precious hard drive space and enables you to reuse your coaching content across all your devices.
Import any video or image and start your analysis instantaneously. No waiting for slow mo to process, no more compressing files to do voice over. It just works and it works immediately.
Save Time with Instantaneous Video Processing
Add Additional Context with Documents and Tags
When posting a video, you can add quick tags for easy searchability. Plus, you can attach spreadsheets, documents, notes, and comments to any video with ease.
At CoachNow, We Improve EVERY Aspect of the Coach Athlete Relationship
We designed the platform's communication features to be highly versatile and compatible with every style of coaching.

We aren't just here to give you some cool features and be on our way.

We aim to change the coaching landscape for the better by providing state-of-the-art features AND the tools/ advice you need to use them.
What's Included in the
CoachNow PRO Trial?
Unlimited "Spaces" and "Groups"
Everything you need to support your private individual clients and groups/teams. Communicate one-on-one or send messages to everyone at once.
Unlimited Athletes
Add as many athletes as you want- we will never charge you on a per-athlete basis. Plus your athletes NEVER PAY A DIME to use the platform.
An exclusive video and image analysis suite. Quickly create before/afters to visualize progress, interactive voice overs, line/angle drawing, slow motion, and more.
Scheduled Posts
Schedule posts in advance with the PRO exclusive "Scheduled Posts" feature. Perfect for programming, paid courses, or if you simply want to get ahead so you can take a vacation.
300 GB Private Cloud Library
Use your "Library" for easy media collection, storage, and re-use. Use any media type including videos, images, voice notes, text notes, files, etc.
"Lists" for Easy Communication
Save time by privately message all athletes at once by creating "Lists". You can create as many lists as you'd like
Templates to Save You Time
Create "Templates" with your common posts to save time onboarding new athletes and keep your curriculum handy. (Tired of repeating yourself? I was too)…
Level 1 ConnectedCoach Blueprint: Module 1
In the "Level 1 ConnectedCoach Blueprint", you'll learn the systems, the mindset, and the exact Blueprint needed to digitize your expertise. Our Level 1 AND Level 2 Blueprint Courses are included with a CoachNow PRO membership - as a trialing member you can get started ASAP.
Activate your front or rear camera during a voiceover for additional personalization and feedback. In other words, your athletes can see you in a picture-in-picture window during your analysis.
Copy and Move Posts
Copy longer, more frequently posted posts and move them to a different Space or Group. This feature helps eliminate repetition and saves you time, so you can get back to coaching.
Advanced Group Controls
Customize who can view, post, and interact with your Group content. Perfect for Interactive Paid Communities, Moduled On-Demand Courses, and more.
Made By Coaches, For Coaches

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