Pioneer Program FAQs

If you have questions, checkout the the FAQs below. Still need answers? Contact us at

I Have submitted my Pioneer Application, how long until I hear back from CoachNow?
Once you have submitted your application, you should be directed to a new page where you can select a time to speak with our CoachNow team. If you did not set up a time, you can do so here
What are the qualifications to become a CoachNow Pioneer?

In order to become a CoachNow Pioneer, you must be a United States resident as well as be able to speak, read and understand English. You must have a CoachNow user account.

How do I apply to become a CoachNow Pioneer?

Please fill out our Pioneer application which can be found here

I just started using CoachNow, can I still become a Pioneer?
Absolutely! If you’ve used the platform for a day, or for a year, we encourage you to apply!
Is this a paid position?
No. All CoachNow Pioneers are volunteers but there are plenty of benefits!
What are the benefits of becoming a CoachNow Pioneer?

Aside from being featured on our blog and telling us about your experience with the app, we will work with you individually to find how CoachNow can help you succeed as a coach! 

What are my responsibilities as a CoachNow Pioneer?
As a Pioneer, you will be responsible for:




  • Providing product feedback
  • Attend one onboarding webinar with our CoachNow team to better learn the features and the product in general.
  • Sharing content to your social networks
Can I be a Pioneer for less than one year?
No. The CoachNow Pioneer Program requires a one-year commitment with 3 months of onboarding to achieve the full experience and benefits of the program.