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Laser-focused on transforming you into a true entrepreneurial coach – enabling you to build new revenue streams and scale your business like never before.
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You're an entrepreneurial-minded CoachNow+ member ready to take your business to the next level with Automation, Advanced Data/Controls, and Education.

The world's best coaches, academies, and national programs in 70+ sports across 150 countries rely on CoachNow & the ConnectedCoach Academy each and every day.
Bay Club altus Leadbetter Golf IMG Academy JG Fitness
Bay Club altus Leadbetter Golf IMG Academy JG Fitness
Available now in CoachNow PRO
Powerful Automation, Controls, and Education
Post Scheduling
(Web App Only)
Get an insightful, "Zoomed out" view of all the activity happening in CoachNow between all your Spaces.

Your coaching, now automated. Perfect for programming, paid courses, or if you simply want to get ahead so you can take a vacation.
Schedule Coaching Posts CoachNow
Schedule Coaching Posts CoachNow
CoachNow Group Controls
Your Groups, Your Way
New revenue streams just got easier. Perfect for Interactive Paid Communities, Moduled On-Demand Courses, and more.
Views Tracking
While Smart Lists help you gain insight into activity within SPACES, Views Tracking gives you insight into the engagement within your POSTS.

Views Tracking will help you understand WHO has viewed your post and WHEN they viewed it.
CoachNow View Tracking
AI-Enabled Skeleton Tracking
This cutting-edge technology automatically detects and tracks the movements of athletes in your videos, overlaying a visual representation of their body structure.

This tool can be used with all the other powerful CoachNow analysis tools, giving you that extra layer of precision needed for advanced micro movements/ form. Plus.... It looks super cool.
CoachNow PRO Copy and Move
Copy and Move
Common Posts
Copy longer, more frequently posted posts and move them to a different Space or Group.

This feature will help eliminate repetition and save you time, so you can get back to coaching.
Now you can activate your front or rear camera during a voiceover for additional personalization and feedback. In other words, now your athletes can see you in a picture-in-picture window during your analysis.
Activate "CoachCam"
Automatic Templates
Automatic Templates allow you to create a series of posts and drip feed them to a Space or Group on a pre-set schedule. Perfect for paid courses or onboarding new athletes into your standard training plans. Simply add the athlete to the Space, set the template, and let CoachNow take care of the rest.
CoachNow PRO Scheduled Templates
CoachNow PRO Smart Lists
Smart Lists
Smart lists automatically update in real time, based on the behavior of your athletes.

Gain insight into which athletes haven't been engaged, and quickly bulk message them all at once to bring them back online.
ConnectedCoach Blueprint ~ Level 1
A self-paced 6 Module Course ($299 value - yours FREE) with personalized feedback from our team of experts. Everything you need to transition from selling time for money to becoming a ConnectedCoach.
ConnectedCoach Pathway
ConnectedCoach Blueprint ~ Level 2
A self-paced 3 Module Course ($299 value - yours FREE) all about empowering entrepreneurial coaches like you to create new automated revenue streams for your business. We'll give you everything you need to launch a brand new coaching product within 90 days.
ConnectedCoach Blueprint
ConnectedCoach Blueprint
ConnectedCoach Blueprint
ConnectedCoach Academy
300 GB Cloud Stoage
2x the storage of CoachNow+. More space to organize and reuse your coaching content across all of your athletes.
CoachNow Cloud Storage
CoachNow Cloud Storage
CoachNow Cloud Storage
Quick Recap
Side-by-Side Camparison of CN+ and CN PRO
Unlimited Spaces and Groups
Cloud Library
Video/Image Analysis Suite
Smart Lists
Advanced Group Controls
View tracking and Read Receipts
Copy and Move Posts
ConnectedCoach Blueprint LVL 1 & LVL 2
300 GB Storage
All Future Updates
Post Scheduling
Automated Template Builder
$49.99/M or $499/Y
$39.99/M or $349/Y
All Future Major Updates Included in PRO
Heads Up. There's plenty more to come. It will all be included exclusively in CoachNow PRO.
365-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Whenever you invest time and money to work with a coach, there's a risk. Right? What if it doesn't work for me? What if it's not as good as they said? What if I don't end up using the features in the new tier?

We know you are putting lots of trust in us by becoming an early adopter of CoachNow PRO and we want you to be THRILLED with your purchase.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the PRO membership, just let the team know in the first 365 days and we'll refund you 100% of your investment.

Yes, that's a full year to determine if the upgrade was worth your time and money.

There's absolutely no risk to give it a go and get started. Sound like a deal?
CoachNow Money Back
Communicate at home or on the go
Access your CoachNow Account from a website browser or mobile device via the iOS and Android Apps.
Stay on the pulse of your athlete development while you're on the go. With CoachNow, there's a view option that works for everyone.

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