Edufii has established close partnerships with a multitude of national teams, including England Rugby, England Lacrosse, England Golf, South African Field Hockey, Golf Union of Ireland, USA Junior Golf, and Golf Canada. Edufii is the first coaching platform that enables national team programs to easily track athletic development and performance from local to regional and national levels for both athletes and coaches.

“No matter the size of your training staff, keeping everyone on the same page is incredibly challenging. National programs face this problem at the top level every day and it’s only compounded when trying to loop in hundreds of coaches and thousands of athletes across the world. The right combination of tech and team is crucial to enable national teams to operate and perform at world-class levels. We’re incredibly humbled that more and more national programs choose Edufii as their go-to solution for to solve their biggest challenges on and off the field.” Spencer Dennis, Founder and Head Coach, Edufii

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