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"What's The Best Angle To Record Myself?" CoachNow Athlete AMA June 25, 2024

We get tons of questions from athletes all the time about how to maximize their use of CoachNow.

Today, Spencer Dennis, the founder of CoachNow, is going to answer our most commonly asked questions!

In this week's AMA, Spencer answers the following:
  • 00:18: Can I add a new coach to my existing CoachNow account?
  • 00:51: I'm in my space, but I don't see anything. How can I view the videos from my coach?
  • 01:24: Can I share videos with friends outside of the CoachNow app?
  • 02:02: What is the best angle to record myself?
  • 03:00: Can I post videos of myself without sharing them with my coach?
  • 03:47: How will my coach know when I've shared a video?
  • 04:37: Can I change the name on my space?
  • 05:03: Can I update my email address since I don't use my old one anymore?
​​Watch the full video Above