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coachnow as a training journal

CoachNow As A Training Journal

All athletes know how much time and dedication it takes to commit to training, day in and day out.

From perfecting your swing to running drills on the court, and everything in between, quality practice and repetition is key to making every minute count of your practice.

You know it’s not just about going through the motions; you have to plan out your roadmap, put in quality work, and then review your practice. Time and time again.

It can be exhausting. I get it.

I hear from countless athletes all the time about how hard it can be to stay motivated, especially when they don’t feel like they’re making as much progress as they should be.

That’s where CoachNow comes in. Specifically, it’s features that turn it into something of an “athlete journal” for your development.
monitor your progress

Monitor Your Progress

We’re our own worst critics and we don’t give ourselves the credit that we deserve.

It’s all too easy to look back on the past six months and see everything that you haven’t achieved, instead of everything that you have.

By uploading your videos, analysis, images, plans, and reflections into CoachNow, you’re better able to view all of the incremental progress that you’ve made along the way.

Because it’s really hard to fully comprehend progress when you’re in the thick of training. But by jotting down your daily practice updates, thoughts, and feelings about how it went, it’ll be way easier to get a comprehensive view of how far you’ve come.

During those times when you’re struggling to stay motivated and stay on course, looking at all of the insights you’ve gained over time can help remind you why you started training in the first place!

Trust me, seeing a side-by-side of where you are now vs. a year ago can be fantastic for motivation and morale.
coachnow show improvement to coaches

Show Improvement to Coaches

With your training journal, not only will you be reminded of your progress, but you’ll be able to show coaches your improvements as well.

Invite them to your Space and they’ll be able to see a digital copy of both your challenges and how far you’ve come.

Nobody wants to try and rehash years' worth of training every time they meet a new coach.

And to be honest - your interpretation of your training won’t be 100% accurate.

Upload pictures, videos, notes, and any other useful info, and share your key moments with them, ensuring that the content they receive is an accurate reflection of who you are and how you perform.

With a greater understanding of who you are as an athlete, any coach will be better equipped to help you reach your full potential.

This also safeguards your information in case you want to switch coaches down the line.

It’s a huge advantage to streamline the inevitable “get to you know you” phase of any new coaching relationship.
stand out from the crowd

Stand Out From The Crowd

Spaces will also help differentiate you from other athletes to recruiters.

Anybody can tell a recruiter how amazing they are or how far they’ve come on their journey, however, most people won’t have an actual physical or digital record to back it up.

But you will.

With the click of a button, any recruiter will be able to review your highlights and your challenges in countless training sessions, games, matches, etc. Instead of them having to spend hours digging through footage, you’re providing them with exactly what they need.

Not only is this vault of content invaluable, but it also shows recruiters that your level of dedication goes above and beyond everybody else’s.

You took the time to create your very own personalized journal, analyze your training, reflect on your past, and prepare for your future - most people can’t say the same thing.
note-taking take notes on your sessions and keep progressing...


While filming your performance is incredibly important, don’t forget to take notes with your reflections along the way too.

For example, let’s say you’re implementing some technical changes.

Alongside the video, jot down how you felt when you performed that movement.

When there are so many different moving parts of our training process, it’s easy to forget the thoughts and feelings you have along the way - so write them down while you remember! Also, audio recordings are a fantastic tool that makes it easy to capture the emotion of the moment, learnings, insights, etc.

There’s no time like the present to start creating your very own digital athlete journal. By keeping all of your training content in one safe place, both you and your coaches can monitor your progress, keep you motivated, and set realistic goals for your athletic journey.

One of the biggest keys to success?

Never throwing in the towel. And building your training journal will ensure you never do.