Why it works

Get real-time learning and real-time feedback to take athletes where they cannot take themselves with CoachNow.

Jim Liston

Director of Sport Science at Toronto Football Club, 2017 MLS Cup Champions

“I’m always looking for simple innovative ways to improve connectivity, engagement and quality of training for our coaches and athletes.

CoachNow is revolutionizing how we coach in the fitness and athletic development industries, but more importantly to me, it has created a new era in connected coaching.

Whether we’re in the same room or miles apart, the connection with our staff and athletes is empowering us to create the optimal environment for feedback resulting in improved performance on and off the field.”

Katherine Roberts

Human Performance for Sports and Yoga for Golfers, Coaching Certification

“Through my Katherine Roberts’ Human Performance for Athletes Certification, I find myself working with people from all over the globe.

With CoachNow I’m able to maintain continuity of communication with my clients while they are going through their certification process.

Being able to communicate and share information in one single platform has helped me keep all my clients engaged and on track.”

Michael Hughes

Gymnazo Founder and Movement Specialist

“Running a successful training facility is all about building a deep connection with not only your customers but also your staff and CoachNow has empowered us to do just that.

Whether it be for the needs of a specific athlete or the plan for an upcoming class or team training our coaching staff is now in sync around our athletes resulting in an unparalleled experience for both sides.”


Team Training

Youth, College, National, Pro

Collaboration between coaches and athletes has never been easier. CoachNow allows you to analyze practice and game footage, share internal documents with your team and staff, and stay connected 24/7 with not only your athletes and other coaches, but parents of athletes as well.


One-to-one Training

Skill Training, Personal Training, Physical Therapy

As a coach to multiple individual athletes, it can be difficult and time consuming to maintain constant communication through texts, emails, spreadsheets and social media. With CoachNow our platform allows for all athletes to collaborate with their coach, on their time, while gathering assesments, goals and progress in one spot.


Coach to Coach

Certifications, Employee Training, League Education

Having trouble staying connected while offering a class, a certification or continued education course? CoachNow is an all-in-one platform to share educational documents, live audio feedback and more when it comes to coaching education and mentoring programs.



Academy, Training Facility, Gym Owner

Running an academy or a gym has never been easier than with CoachNow. Even if you have multiple locations all coaches and athletes can finally be on the same page in less time, in fact most academy coaches report saving 20 hours a week in admin time with CoachNow.