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bay club, altus, claude harmon performance golf academy dubai, img academy, jg fitness logos
bay club, altus, claude harmon performance golf academy dubai, img academy, jg fitness logos
Why You're Here
CoachNow Analyze is tailor-built for those who desire world-class video and image analysis without the elite price tag.

Whether you're a coach just starting out, an athlete looking to up your game, or a parent supporting an athlete's journey, Analyze is exactly what you need to get the job done.
Explore CoachNow Analyze
AI Enabled Insights
Overlay a Skeleton over you or your athletes with a single tap. Tap any joint to see its current angle.
VS Mode & Overlays
Set two videos side-by-side to see how far you've come, compare yourself to a pro, or overlay a video on top of another to highlight subtle differences.
Rich Annotations
Golf Swing Analysis, man swinging golf club outside wearing navy shirt, cargo shorts, white shoes
Direct attention with circles, lines, or any shape. You can even add timers - every second counts!
CoachNow Annotation Tools
Slow Motion Playback
Delve deep into form and technique with slow-mo. Identify and isolate those micro-movements that unlock performance.
Coaching Voice Overs App
Unlimited Voice Overs
Direct coaching feedback with voice overs. Activate your front camera during analysis to deliver a personal touch to your feedback. And, unlike our competition, we don't limit the number of voice overs you can record.
Activate "CoachCam"
Now you can activate your front or rear camera during a voiceover for additional personalization and feedback. In other words, now your athletes can see you in a picture-in-picture window during your analysis.
Your Content at
Your Fingertips
Capture instantly within the app, revisit videos from your Cloud Library, or seamlessly upload from your Camera Roll. Whether you're recording fresh content, leveraging clips from your CoachNow library, or selecting from your device, it's all at your fingertips.
Coaching Cloud Library Video Analysis
Coaching Cloud Library Video Analysis
Included in CoachNow Analyze
Powerful analysis tools, at a price that puts the competition to shame.

Starting at just $4.99/ Month (Billed Annually)
Industry- Leading
Video and Image Analysis
Dive deep with tools that were previously exclusive to our PRO members, like CoachCam or AI-Enabled Skeleton Tracking.
Cloud Library
Your content on all your devices. Store up to 250 videos, images, and important documents, directly in your private cloud library.
Create Up to
3 Spaces
Add depth to your content, monitor progress, or assist your athletes. Spaces are your private, secure, channel for organizaing and delivering your content.
ALL Future Video
Instant Access to ALL upcoming analysis and AI tools as they roll out.
Quick Recap
CoachNow Analyze
Cloud Library
Video/Image Analysis Suite
$9.99/M or $49/Y
$39.99/M or $349/Y
$49.99/M or $499/Y
CoachNow PRO
Smart Lists
Advanced Group Controls
View tracking and Read Receipts
Copy and Move Posts
Post Scheduling
Automated Template Builder
Unlimited Spaces and Groups
AI-Enabled Skeleton Tracking
Slow Motion Playback
Annotation Tools
Automatic Angle Detection
Unlimited Voice Overs
Content Tags
CoachNow Analyze is a versatile platform designed to cater to various individuals with different coaching and athlete development needs.

Whether you're an athlete looking for analysis tools, a casual coach seeking focused coaching features, an aspiring coach taking your first steps, or a parent or supporter interested in video analysis, CoachNow Analyze has something to offer:

1. Athletes: Athletes who want to leverage video analysis and AI to improve and track improvement. You don't need an invitation to access valuable analysis tools that can help you track your performance and improve your skills.

2. Casual Coaches: If you're a coach with only a few athletes, CoachNow Analyze provides you with essential analysis tools. Focus on what you need most without committing to a larger investment in your coaching business.

3. Aspiring Coaches: Coaches who are just starting out can find a valuable resource in CoachNow Analyze. It's a cost-effective way to access analysis tools and coaching features while you build your coaching career.

4. Parents and Supporters: Parents, family members, and supporters who want video analysis for their kids or friends can use CoachNow Analyze to track and support athletic development. You can provide valuable insights and help athletes improve their skills.