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The world's best coaches, academies, and national programs in 60+ sports across 140 countries rely on CoachNow to connect and coach each and every day. We call it ConnectedCoaching.
"CoachNow has improved our coach/athlete/parent experience in every sport at every level."
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Josh Pridokas
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For All Coaches / Trainers

CoachNow is purpose-built for those that are in the business of coaching athletes.


We designed the platform to not only deliver state-of-the-art-video analysis features, but also a private communication channel and contact database for individual and group coaching.
Servicing Thousands of Academies, Camps, and Organizations Worldwide
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What's Included in CoachNow PRO
  • Unlimited "Spaces" and "Groups"
    Everything you need to support your private individual clients and groups/teams. Communicate one-on-one or send messages to everyone at once.
  • 300 GB Private Cloud Library
    Use your "Library" for easy media collection, storage, and re-use. Use any media type including videos, images, voice notes, text notes, files, etc.
  • Unlimited Athletes
    Add as many athletes as you want- we will never charge you on a per-athlete basis. Plus your athletes NEVER PAY A DIME to use the platform.
  • "Lists" for Easy Communication
    Save time by privately message all athletes at once by creating "Lists". You can create as many lists as you'd like
  • Video and Image Analysis
    An exclusive video and image analysis suite. Quickly create before/afters to visualize progress, interactive voice overs, line/angle drawing, slow motion, and more.
  • CoachCam
    Activate your front or rear camera during a voiceover for additional personalization and feedback. In other words, now your athletes can see you in a picture-in-picture window during your analysis.
  • Templates to Save You Time
    Create "Templates" with your common posts to save time onboarding new athletes and keep your curriculum handy. (Tired of repeating yourself? I was too)…
  • Scheduled Posts & Advanced Group Controls
    Schedule posts in advance with the PRO exclusive "Scheduled Posts" feature. And with "Advanced Group Controls", Interactive Paid Communities, Moduled On-Demand Courses, and other revenue streams are within your reach.
  • View Count & Read Receipts
    Views Tracking gives you insight into the engagement within your POSTS. Views Tracking will help you understand WHO has viewed your post and WHEN they viewed it.
  • Copy & Move Posts
    Copy longer, more frequently posted posts and move them to a different Space or Group. This feature will help eliminate repetition and save you time, so you can get back to coaching.
  • Level 1 ConnectedCoach Blueprint: ($299 value)
    You'll learn the systems, the mindset, and the exact Blueprint needed to digitize your expertise. The full course is included with a CoachNow PRO membership - as a trialing member you can get started ASAP.
  • Level 2 ConnectedCoach Blueprint: ($299)
    A self-paced 3 Module Course all about empowering entrepreneurial coaches like you to create new automated revenue streams for your business. We'll give you everything you need to launch a brand new coaching product within 90 days.
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(No Credit Card Required)