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Level Setting | What it actually takes to make a sale as a coach

Sell, selling, sales, making a sale, etc. can be an icky word/feeling for coaches, but guess what? You've got to do it!

In this episode, I break down some key tactics to help you get over that feeling and grow your business.

You can do it!


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I've been running coachnow for nearly 10 years. So that means working with thousands and thousands of coaches across 60 sports, 140 countries, tens of thousands of coaches, in fact, and a lot of commonalities come up as we have these conversations around why they might be struggling in their business and flat out, most coaches love to coach.

I hope all of them do, but eventually lead the burnout and often don't love doing it anymore, but the majority of them. Sales, it's a squirmy kind of feeling that a lot of them have, but the reality is it doesn't matter how much expertise you. If you can't package it up and sell it and the key word there, you need to know how to sell it.

So on today's episode, I wanted to dive into some level setting around what it takes to make a sale. Hopefully calm you down in some of the ways and, and encourage you at the same time to get outta your comfort zone. Make some sales and grow your business. Let's discuss.

All right. So as promised, let's do some level setting on what it takes to make a sale. The first thing, five to seven exposures need to understand. It takes a lot of exposures for people to actually make a purchase. Now the crazy part is it might take this amount of exposures for them to do something for free, get a free gift, sign up for a newsletter, whatever it might be.

It takes a lot of exposures. So your trick, how fast can you do this? How fast can you get those five to seven exposures in front of someone now without, or probably with bordering on. But there's a lot of different channels that you can get in front of 'em I'm not saying send seven emails in seven minutes.

That's not what I'm saying, but there is social, there is emails. So if you have a promotion you're trying to make, uh, make some noise in your particular space that you need to understand. It's gonna take a lot of exposures far too often. Coaches come to us and go, oh, I, I built out this great thing and I, I put it out there and nobody cared.

that's not true. Just a lot of people probably didn't even see it because they're so distracted with other things. You gotta cut through the noise and you gotta stay consistent. The other thing is you want to usually give away more than you're comfortable with so many coaches get hung up on this idea of IP intellectual property, and they don't wanna give away all their.

But the coaches that have the biggest businesses, and that's why I'm here to talk to you today are the ones that give a lot of, a lot of value for free. Now, what I would suggest to you though, is that you're gonna lead with the strategies lead with the top level ideas, and then you follow up with the tactics.

So the tactics can be teased out and that's eventually what you sell. So you get super, super specific as you're. Educating someone on what you do past the point of sale, but to get them excited to join you, you can lead with the strategies, the high level ideas. Now you also just to kind of cut this out right away.

You don't need to be a social media master. You absolutely do not. The reality is you're always fighting the algorithm anyway. So while you do need at least some social media presence, just. A validated business owner. That's kind of what it takes these days. It's your shingle in the internet world.

You don't have to be a master at it, but what you want to get good at is blogging or YouTube, something like that that stands the test of time and handles your, or helps your SEO rather because YouTube is not a social channel. There are social components. , but it's the second, uh, largest search engine in the world.

Things stay around. So when people go there to search how to X, Y, Z, you have a good chance of showing up the blog is also gonna help as well. That's gonna help with your SEO and get noticed in Google rankings. Both of those things will help drive people to your business, with the ultimate goal of collecting their email.

That's how you make the sale. And I I'm gonna do a lot of content on this down the road. So you. Generally understand why email is so important and why people are still making purchases from there. But generally just we'll talk about it briefly here. You want to push as many people to, uh, give you their email as possible.

And we'll talk about the tactics in order to do that later, but that's what it takes. Now in the end here, the more offers you make, the more sales you're gonna make. So that goes up to the exposure. You gotta get it in front of people. So the last thing that I wanna share with you today on this quick little video here, if you're on YouTube, or if you're listening to this in the podcast, world is lead with what people want, not what you think they need.

So let me explain. So as a coach and as a business owner, I've got strong opinions for sure. A lot of this content we're putting out there is because I know you. But as we're creating it, and as we're promoting it, we're trying to lean into what you want. So all this content really is made based on what coaches are asking us for.

So you want to follow that same pattern. So no matter what sport you're in, whatever activity, you're coaching or training, you need to understand what people are looking for and what they want. And then when they come to you, you can then train them and help them understand that well, why they wanted this.

This is what they really. and while I'm here, I actually got one more thing I wanna say. Cause I just had a conversation, uh, with a coach about this today and I think it, it actually pertains really, really well to what it takes to make a sale. And that is in a lot of sports that we coach a lot of activities that we coach it's difficult to quantify the result as the thing that people want.

And rather what they really want is some sort of emotional change. So, let me explain what that means. So in golf, as an example, if you're a highly competitive player and you wanna get recruited or you wanna play professionally or play on your team, it's easy as a coach to say, Hey, I'm gonna help you shoot these lower scores.

I'm gonna help you hit the ball further. And all these things are gonna help you win tournaments. That's great, but that's kind of a subset of a subset in the totality of this golf universe. And in, in whatever universe you're coaching, it's kind of the same. There's not a ton of super, highly competitive.

but in the world of golf and tennis and especially these kind of lifelong sports, a lot of people are searching for an attitude shift, a confidence shift, a fun shift. So you wanna lead and lean in with that in all of your messaging. So while yes, they would like to shoot lower scores or, or win more points or whatever it might.

There's a feeling attached to that. So I would encourage you guys when you're out there talking about your business, lean into the emotion, that's gonna come with a lot of these results that you're gonna help people get. And I think you're gonna end up closing a lot more sales and if nothing else, you're gonna get a lot more emails.

That'll help you do that. All right. So let's recap really, really quickly, make sure you're focusing on exposures, give away more than you're comfortable with that one might be even harder for a lot of. Again, you do not need to be a social media master lean into the emotion and focus on what people want.

You can do those things. You're gonna have a great chance of making more sales. So with that, thank you so much for tuning into this quick little episode here. If you're on YouTube, please leave a comment down. So that we can keep, keep this conversation going. If you're on your podcast app, please follow along, subscribe.

Great. Do whatever you can to help push this show along and make sure that you stay notified to all the new episodes. We'd really appreciate it. If you could share the show with some of your friends, your peers, because it's absolutely our goal to move the coaching industry forward and help a lot of you and the business side, not only the technology side.