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Over the past 10+ years, working with thousands of coaches, I can confidently say that if you remove 1 word from your vocabulary, your business will change permanently for the better. 


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Hey everyone. Spencer here, former burnt out coach and founder of coach now, and the connected coach academy. Welcome back to the connected coach podcast. On today's episode, we're gonna be talking about the word you should never use again.

What kind of coach do you want to be? What kind of business do you wanna run? How will you stand out from the crowd? Over the past 10 years, working with thousands of coaches, I can confidently say that removing this word, this forbidden word will change your business for the better. It's a word that nearly every coach has used for their whole career.

It's a word that once replaced has the power to change your athletes entire mindset. It's a word that from day one, I completely omitted from the branding language of coach now. And anything that we talk. And I hope after reading this, you'll remove it from your offer, your vocabulary, the way you talk about your business as well.

So what's this forbidden word lesson. As we talk through this, you're gonna get a better sense of my flat out disdain for this word, but I promise you just like I have before, when I explain this to hundreds of coaches over the years, they leave the conversation, they leave the explanation with a. Mindset shift.

Once this clicks, they make it a goal to never give a lesson, quote, unquote, again, they remove the mention of lesson from their website, social media, and other touchpoints in their business. Why it's simple, the word lesson implies a quick fix. It also represents a unit of time, usually an hour, even if it may be subconscious.

When you sell lessons, the athlete hear. Well, I, I'm gonna sell you an hour of my time to fix you, and then you're gonna be on your way. The result you're creating unrealistic expectations and timelines for your athlete's improvement. We all know that you can't help someone get better in one hour or make long lasting change in one hour.

So why is your business model attached to this? You're not doing yourself any favors or the athlete. Any favor? You're setting yourself up for failure, jeopardizing your client retention and causing frustration from both parties. It may seem inconsequential, but I have found much more success using a different word session.

This word contains subtext that the athletes training is a piece of a larger puzzle. It subconsciously conveys that you're committed to their long term development, not just a quick. so doesn't this sound better. As we talk through it as a part of your fitness plan, we're gonna conduct one live session per week to focus on feedback and recalibrate our goals.

These sessions are a part of a much larger plan, and we're gonna commit to at least three months to help you reach your goals. And then we will reevaluate after we hit those target. This subtle, but really, really important shift will help recalibrate your entire business no longer are you in the quick fix, selling your time for money business, you are in the long term development programming business.

This way your business model actually matches the way that you ideally know how to coach the subtle yet profound terminology shift will massively impact your business. no longer will you be in the business of selling quick fixes and worst of all selling allotments of time, but you'll be selling long term development programs that help you retain clients and build out a sustainable track of income.

I could go on for sure as I normally could, but I'm gonna keep this short and as simple as I. while it might seem silly to be as passionate about a particular word. I have seen the magic this shift can do. As we know words, reinforce mindset, I'll say it again. Words, reinforce mindset. The outdated nomenclature of lesson reinforces a passive unrealistic structure to your coaching offer quick fixes and selling allotments of time.

So if you replace lesson with session, You can offer a true win, win, win for your athletes, yourself and your. So why not give it a try?

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