The ConnectedCoach Strategy Guide
ConnectedCoach Strategy Guide by Spencer Dennis
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No matter your sport or your stage of business we've got you covered.

At CoachNow, we not only provide you with the best-in-class coaching software, but also give you the tools you need to use it to its full potential.
Our Members Love CoachNow
"CoachNow is very effective in allowing you to file player notes and videos in one place. It's asy to navigate and use and allows ease of sharing videos and files with players. I love how it encourages players to reflect and upload videos of their swings. Excellent app so a definite 10 from me."
Founder, Karyn Dallas Golf
Karyn Dallas
"No other app is as effective at emphasizing the Biomechanics of the strokes. I'm always using video analysis to improve my athlete's tactics"
Former Professional Tennis Player
Ivan Molina
"CoachNow is the most important tool I use on a day to day basis. Not only does it help me with video when I am coaching but it provides a history of each lesson with every client. It is also a great communication tool that helps in my fostering relationships with my clients."
Founder, The Golf Doctor
Brian Fitzgerald