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Why You're Here
Let's face it, in the last 10 years, the golf industry has evolved dramatically.

The rise of digital golf coaching, specialization, and sports tech has made it more important than ever to stay connected to your golf athletes through every step of their athletic journey.

The days of disparate emails, texts, and other software are behind us. With CoachNow+ and CoachNow PRO, everything from golf video analysis to training plans are all in one place.

Our platform was built with the needs of golf coaches in mind. We'd love to have you on board.

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Distraction (& Algorithm)
Free Coaching
Create posts, analyze swings, and give feedback in secure, private feeds. Our golf analysis app helps your players reach their goals faster than ever. No algorithms, no competing feeds, no ads. The entire platform was built with golf coaching in mind.
Your One-Stop-Shop
Before CoachNow, coaching communications were a mess. We've seen golf coaches use email for general communication; Text or WhatsApp for scheduling; YouTube or iCloud for sending videos; Social Media for community, etc.

CoachNow replaces multiple communication channels with one simple solution. Saving you time, and making it easy to stay on top of your needs.
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You're In Good Company
The world's best golf coaches, academies, and national programs rely on CoachNow each and every day.
Explore Communication Features
Spaсes - Your Private, Secure Athlete Communication Channel
"Spaces" are where the CoachNow magic happens - your private golf training space to communicate one-on-one with your golfers.
An iPhone showing the spaces feature in the CoachNow app with 5 different profile pictures and athlete's names
iPhone showing CoachNow app Channels feature
Groups - Your
One-To-Many Platform
Coaching a group of golfers? "Groups" are like Spaces, but designed with features for a group.

Within "Groups", create channels of common topics (e.g. "putting”, “chipping”), allowing each golfer to communicate and achieve their goals faster than ever.
Post and Reply With Any Media Format Across Spaces and Groups
Quickly Post or Reply in a Space or Group with Videos, Images, Audio, Text, Spreadsheets, Documents, etc. – all easily accessible, right when you need them.

Give your golfers a "Fist Bump" to cheer on their posts or comments.

Use "Tags" to add keywords to your posts, making it easy to find what you need.
iPhone showing CoachNow app and woman weightlifting with text that reads great example right here. watch this a few times and let me know what you think! U
iPhone showing CoachNow PRO scheduling feature
Post Scheduling
(CoachNow PRO)
Your coaching, now automated. Perfect for programming, paid courses, or if you simply want to get ahead so you can take a vacation.
Views Tracking
(CoachNow PRO)
Views Tracking gives you valuable insight into how your athletes are engaging with your coaching content.

See WHO has viewed your post and WHEN they viewed it.
Views Tracking feature of the CoachNow app with text that reads people who saw this and 5 people's names listed below
Lists - Your Mass Messaging Solution
With "Lists", you can send the same post to thousands of golfers, where they reply directly to you in their Space.

Lists allow you to curate a feeling of personalization and community while saving you time.
Smart list of athlete names that read alex yorke, chris yun, brian may, and jessica smith with two text bubbles that read 15 days inactive
Smart Lists
Smart lists automatically update in real time, based on the behavior of your golfers.

Gain insight into which of your golfers haven't been engaged, and bulk message them all at once to bring them back online.
Templates - Your Coaching, Automated
With Templates, pre-populate content in one place and have it at your fingertips.

Create a Template once and have it handy whenever you need it.

With our template scheduler, create a series of posts that auto-publish on a predetermined schedule. You can deliver fully automated golfing programs with the click of a button.
Bubble with three profile pictures and text that reads Pro Players, 12 posts, 3 members
Navigation list with text that reads apply to space, reorder posts, manage members, edit name, and delete
iPhone showing image analysis of a woman in a white jersey and blue shorts pitching a softball
Video and Image Analysis with Context and Intention
Video and Image Golf Analysis is seamlessly integrated into Spaces and Groups.

That's because we believe Video and Image Analysis is a powerful COMMUNICATION tool. In CoachNow, your golf swing analyzer is accessible where your athletes need it, with all the context and feedback that led up to that moment.

From swing videos to overlay tools, side by side comparisons and much more, our golf swing analysis app has everything you need.

Six icons showing a man golfing, adobe acrobat logo, a man swinging a baseball bat, a man playing hockey, a woman golfing, and a man. playing tennis
All Your Media, Saved Securely in One Place
Effortlessly access and reuse previous documents, videos, and images of golf swings, practice swings, and more through your own Cloud Library.

Every paid subscription comes with Cloud Storage, which helps you free up valuable hard drive space and enables you to utilize your coaching materials on all of your devices.
CoachNow Feed on an iphone, post showing a man swinging a golf club with a caption
CoachNow Main
- Bringing it All Together
The main feed aggregates all communication across your various golfing Spaces and Groups into one bird's-eye view.

In the feed, you can search for keywords across all your spaces and groups, and even search based on tags, media type, and Month/Year.

Push notifications from your feed are sent directly to your mobile device.
Communicate at Home or on the Go
Access your CoachNow Account from a website browser or mobile device via the iOS and Android Apps.

Stay on the pulse of your athlete development while you're on the go.
Ready to Uplevel Your Communication?
This is just the start of what's coming in our Communications Suite.
As a CoachNow PRO member, you'll have full access to very update as soon as they launch.
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Get CoachNow Analyze
At CoachNow, We Improve EVERY Aspect of the Coach Athlete Relationship
We designed the platform's communication features to be highly versatile and compatible with every style of golf coaching.

We aren't just here to give you some cool features and be on our way.

We aim to change the coaching landscape for the better by providing state-of-the-art features AND the tools/ advice you need to use them with our golf video analysis app.
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CoachNow That's Why it pays to use a coaching app designed by actual coaches with a man cycling and a man swinging a golf club in the background
That's Why It Pays to Use a Coaching App Designed By Actual Coaches
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