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Amateurs Practice. Pros Train. | Why you should care and how it affects your business

Quick Recap:

Intention and Retention are keys to success in both the performance of your athletes and your business. 

Listen to learn more about the key mindset differences that differentiate a PRO from an AMATEUR.

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Hey everybody, Spencer here. And welcome back to the connected coach podcast. On today's episode, we're gonna be talking about how amateurs practice and how pros train the difference between the two. And obviously there's a massive differe. And how this is going to be impacting your business. So let's get to it.

Yeah. As many of you know, I have coached for a long, long time, not only in the academy world, but as director of instruction at numerous clubs and worked with a lot of high performance athletes, as well as other coaches, my additional role of running coach now for the last 10 years has put me in the position to interact with hundreds of thousands of athletes and coaches.

Across the globe. And during that time, it's become very, very clear, or I should say during all of that time, it's become very, very clear that amateurs, especially those that struggle practice a certain way while professionals Olympians, high performance athletes train a very different way. So to put it simply amateur athletes, show up to the place, do the thing and then leave.

And that's. whereas a professional athlete, a high performance athlete will plan what they're going to be doing for that day. They will then do the activity, do the action, do the task, and then reflect on what they've learned. And they will not only do that, but they will track all of those moments and key learnings within coach now, or at the very least some sort of.

While that difference seems small, likely to the amateur athlete. We know as coaches, that that is a massive shift. If an athlete has their entire training history documented their plans documented as well as all their reflection moments documented, it's only going to benefit them in the long run, especially when they hit the peaks and valleys of their training.

We can break this down into essentially two words, intention. And retention the best athletes in the world have clear intention, and then they document what they learn in order to have clear retention. Now, why is this so important? Not only for them, but your business? Well, simply put, if you can help your athletes retain more, then they're gonna practice more effectively trained more effectively, get better, faster.

Perform better. And then you are gonna retain them as a customer, as an athlete in your stable of athletes. So to speak with that clarity, it should be easily understood why I'm making this short little episode about how athletes train, because we wanna help them set a clear intention and help them practice.

The mechanisms in which they can retain more information so that you can retain them as clients.

All right. Well that wraps up this quick little episode. Thanks so much for tuning in. If you like what you've heard, I would ask that you consider to subscribe, push the notification button, whatever it takes so that you don't miss a future episode. And if you want to get more content, you can also check us out at coach

Hope you have a great day and we'll talk soon.