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The Surprising Power of Collaboration

You've heard it before but it's worth repeating even if it's a bit "cheesy"...Teamwork makes the Dreamwork.

In this episode, Spencer covers the obvious and not so obvious benefits of collaboration that can help you scale your business.

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Hey everyone, Spencer here, founder of coach now, and former burnt out coach. Welcome to the connected coach academy, where our focus is on helping coaches. Like you unlock your time, income and location. Today's mini episode is called the power of collaboration. Let's get to it. So let's kick off by dispelling a myth within the coaching industry, the myth of intellectual proper.

AKA IP far too often, coaches are afraid to share afraid to collaborate, and it's absolutely killing their business as well as their potential to help their athletes. I've been running coach now for nearly 10 years, and I've truly seen it all. Literally millions upon millions of media and data points across 60 sports and 140 C.

Well, some of it has its unique spins. For sure. I can truly tell you that there really isn't anyone doing anything that is a hundred percent original. Why am I sharing this? Because ideas by themselves are worthless. Execution is everything. And one of the best ways to execute is to collaborate. So with all of that in mind, let me share some background and strategies that will not only help you train your athletes more effectively, but will also help you blow up your business.

Being a specialist is one of the biggest keys to success. This also means you need to fill the gaps in an athlete's training with other specialists. In some cases, this may be a complimentary coach in the form of a mental skills expert or a fitness slash functional movement trainer that helps cover those big gaps.

This may also come in the form of a specialist within the same. Quick example, you're a golf coach that specializes in helping people gain speed and you utilize another coach that helps people with their putting that's their specialty. And that's what you have them do. It should be obvious by now that surrounding the athlete with other great coaches will help them accelerate their development, but it will also accelerate the growth of your business by openly collaborating with other coaches.

You now have the opportunity to share your client lists and create the perfect referral loop. Constantly driving warm leads to one. In fact, the majority of my coaching success was built on the shoulders of other well established coaches when I left the academy world, uh, which is a story for another time, I was an unknown coach in a new area.

Luckily I had some friends that were really well known and had some serious junior and college players that needed help with their swings and practice strategies. By teaming up, we delivered an unparalleled coaching experience while also rapidly expanding both of our businesses or all of our businesses.

I should. Now, back in the day, this strategy didn't come without its challenges, which I'm sure you're aware of, which is exactly what led me to founding coach. Now endless emails and text threads, phone calls and miscommunications flat out broke me. But luckily for you, coach now makes collaboration simple and stress free collaboration though.

Doesn't have to be exclusively with other coaches. It could also be with another business that shares your same client. When I was actively coaching, I lived on the central coast of California, which at the time was the fastest growing wine region in the world. And one of the best moves I made as a coach was offering up my services as the go-to golf guru to the local wineries.

In short, this allowed me to be introduced to hundreds of thousands of people that either played golf or knew someone who did. I also brought the wineries in as sponsors of my events, bringing extra credibility and perks to all of my client. Honestly, I could go on and on and on about the power of collaboration, but let's wrap up this mini episode with an absolutely true, but cheesy saying teamwork makes the dream work.

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