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Unlocking the Power of Automation and New Revenue Streams with CoachNow PRO Features

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We talk often in our blog about the importance of evolving your coaching business, and ditching the outdated model of selling your time for money. 

At this point, you likely know my story… Before CoachNow, I had achieved “the dream” – coaching golf, a sport I absolutely love, while making a six-figure+ income. From the outside looking in, it looked like I had it all figured out. 

But the reality? I was overworked, overwhelmed, and constantly falling behind. 

In short, I was burnt out. And since then, I’ve realized that was in part because I had fallen into a state of reactivity rather than proactivity.

So, when I talk about the new features we just launched for CoachNow PRO Early Adopters, it really is personal. 

Scheduled Posts and Advanced Group Controls may seem like a small thing, but to me they’re huge because they highlight the proactive steps we’re taking to empower you to manage your business, time and income proactively. 

How? Below I’ll give you 3 examples 👊

1. Offer “Evergreen” Courses 

Coupled with Advanced Group Controls, the Post Scheduling Feature becomes incredibly powerful as a means of generating new revenue for your coaching business. 

I’ve found that coaches have a tendency to be overly humble about their prowess in their particular sport. But I promise you… you have something unique to teach everyone who lands on your website. 

So why not create a short course and sell it on auto-pilot for $100 (or more) while you sleep? 

Using the Advanced Group Controls included in PRO, creating a course or training program is easier than ever. All you need to do is film your modules, organize a Group, and set the Group Settings to your liking (see below): 

You can set up the group so YOU are the only one posting, replying, or seeing how many members have joined. And, on day 1 of the course, you can schedule out every module in advance and never have to think about it again. 

Trust me, I’ve seen the magic of this “evergreen” strategy many times. It’s SUCH an effective way to deliver value to athletes, while essentially printing money for your business.  

What do you have to lose in giving it a try? 

2. Time-Block Your Training Programs

These features allow you to schedule your curriculum in advance for all of your athletes, all at once. 

Rather than fall into a state where you’re hopping back and forth between sessions and posting in CoachNow, the PRO features now enable you to “Time Block” more effectively. 

Put simply: It’s much more efficient (and better for the human psyche), to block out 1 hour to finish a bunch of small tasks back-to-back vs. sprinkling them throughout the day. 

Doing so gives you a sense of accomplishment, minimizes time wasted “transitioning” from task to task, and ensures that everything your athletes need is delivered in a timely manner. 

3. Take a Much Needed Vacation

Over the years, I’ve noticed that coaches rarely take time for themselves. 

The last thing I want is for CoachNow to add to your workload. These new features are designed to save you time, not give you additional tasks that make it harder for you to disconnect from work. 

With Scheduled Posts, taking a vacation no longer means your athletes won’t hear from you. Before taking a week off, just schedule all your training plans and “check-ins” in advance. 

It’s a win-win. 

You’re able to disconnect, while your athletes are still able to improve and receive their training plans. Plus, if you’re already including digital coaching as part of your offer stack (which you should), your time off no longer equates to lost income. 

Want more personalized recommendations for your business, and how CoachNow PRO can help you grow? Book a free consultation with our head coach Alex at this link (time slots limited by availability):


Remember: This is just the beginning of what we are offering our PRO members. As a reminder, all future features that we launch for the platform will be made available exclusively for PRO members. 

So, even if none of this speaks to you, there is a ton more to come. 


Whew! I know that was a long blog, but this is very important to me and I want you to understand more deeply exactly WHY I’m so passionate about this launch.  

As always, just let me know here if you have any questions. Hope to hear from you!

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