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The MAGIC of Video Recaps

Here's a hard truth all coaches can identify with...most athletes suck at practicing.

In most cases it's not their fault, you can't practice what you can't remember.

Let's change that while also helping you and your business flourish.

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Hey everyone. Spencer here, former burnt out coach and founder of coach now. And the connected coach academy today's mini episode is called the magic of video recaps. Let's get to it.

Let's start off today with a hard truth. Most athletes suck at practicing now it's it's not any fault of theirs in particular. It's it's usually not due to Laz. Or lack of motivation. It's actually due to confusion because they can't remember what they're supposed to practice. We've all experienced this.

Everything might click when you're together, but within days, 90% of what you taught them, won't be retained. And in fact, it's called the ebbing house for getting curve. It was one of the foundational elements of how we built coach. Give it a Google it's actually really cool and, and quite fascinating. I think you can actually use these, these graphs with a lot of your own athletes to help them understand why they should pay attention in this way.

But here's the main idea with every day that passes roughly 20% of information that is learned is no longer retained. However, if he review material every day, the steepness of that quote unquote forgetting curve gets more and more. The conclusion is kind of a no brainer. Repetition is key to memory retention.

So what does this have to do with coaching? Well, more often than not. I see coaches giving weekly lessons as a part of their offer and they get frustrated when their athletes don't quickly improve. And I absolutely know why there hasn't been enough repetition for them to retain the inform. the athletes fall prey to the forgetting curve.

The result time is wasted reviewing and repeating the previous week session rather than progressing at best. This means two steps forward, and one step back for their improvement. It's not satisfying for anybody, especially you as the coach. And ultimately if the athlete isn't satisfied, they're gonna end up going to somebody else that can help them improve.

But here's an insider secret retention equals retention. That is if you can help your clients remember more, they're gonna be practicing more effectively and you're gonna retain them as a paying client. Again, athletes can't practice what they can't remember. And if we all know that quality practice is the key to mastery, you gotta help those athletes remember more so they can practice more effectively and you can keep them on the books.

So. How do you train your athletes to retain information easy use video recaps. You've probably heard me talk about this before. I've been talking about it for many, many years, but I really can't stress how important this is for every single coach to do so for this week's episode, I'm gonna dive deeper into the specific form of video recaps that have worked for me as well as thousands of other coaches.

And honestly, I, I wish I had implemented this into my coaching practice sooner. Really without the coach now technology, it was honestly just brutal to be doing this anyway. So no excuses moving forward. So let's start on what I mean by a video recap, a video recap is a one to three minute video taken at the end of every single coaching session and a little pro tip.

You can be doing this kind of in between. The key moments within a learning session as well, but let's just focus on what we wanna do at the end to be effective. Recaps should always include two element. At least two elements, that is the, what they need to do, but more importantly, the why they should be doing this.

So for me, I was a golf coach as, as many of you know, and so at the end of each session, I would be interviewing the athlete and helping them fully understand that these are the drills that we're gonna be doing. But more importantly, this is why we're going to be doing them. Ideally, you should always record at least two recaps before you call it a day.

And the first. Pull out your phone and record a video of your athlete, explaining their biggest takeaways from that session. As they speak, you can elaborate upon any points that they make and clarify any misunderstanding. So it gives you that last point for calibration. Make sure they succinctly explain to you what the practice plan is in going forward and why it's important for their.

The goal here, give your athlete the chance to show what they've retained and give yourself the opportunity to fill in the gaps

after they finish trade places, ask your athlete to now take a video of you. This is your opportunity to fill in even more gaps by maybe demonstrating certain movement patterns that they're not capable of doing or explaining things a little bit more in detail through any form of demonstration. The key.

keep it short, keep it concise, make sure that they can actually watch it and get value from it. And you're gonna be as crystal clear with the, what the why, and always kind of keeping their goals in mind. So again, keep it clear, keep it short. And you're gonna have a really, really powerful set of videos at first, to be clear though, this won't be perfect.

You'll probably have to correct. And add context for your athlete a lot during their portion, but trust. After a few sessions, they'll be recapping the entire session and retaining more importantly, the information like a pro for more information, or kind of a, a, a quick preview of how this works. You can go to blog, and to see a quick video, I'll also link the relevant post in the show description below, but here's the main takeaway.

Everything you do with these direct to camera video recaps should be aimed at conquering the forgetting. When done correctly, there are a ton of benefits for both athletes, coaches, and especially if you're coaching juniors, the parents, because they love to hear the, the athletes summarize the session in their own words, and it keeps everybody in sync.

So there's more to this particular topic that we'll cover in a future mini episode blog pod of what we're calling it. But for now we wanna kind of keep this short, make sure that you can get value from it. So if you like what you've heard, please consider subscribing to the podcast and even turning on that notification bell so that you don't miss an episode.

If you wanna know more about what we do at coachNow, you can check out, or if you want to get tapped into all of our education, you can head over to coach All right, thanks again for tuning in and we'll see you next time.