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The 3 P’s - A Framework for Coaching Success

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When my cofounder and I were forming the early concept of CoachNow, a lot of the inspiration came from a book called The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.

In that book, he introduces the concept of “deep practice”, a highly focused, practice method that involves constant adjustments and responding to errors. He also stresses the importance of what he calls “master coaching” - the guidance of skilled teachers who offer the feedback needed for effective deep practice.

At the time I was a full time golf coach. And that book made me reconsider everything I knew about coaching.

I realized that the current environment I could provide my athletes wasn’t enough to truly master the sport. I wasn’t there to give feedback when it matters most.

And, as a result, I realized that my athletes weren’t getting the deep practice they needed to truly unlock their potential.

In other words, the book made me realize that the coaching industry was fundamentally broken.

And this realization is what led to the creation of CoachNow. It also established the 3 key pillars I wanted to build the business on - Practice, People, and Progress.

I call these “The 3 P’s” of CoachNow Today I’m gonna explain what each means and how you can apply these core principles to your coaching business.


Practice: Creating the ultimate learning environment, iphone showing a man in a red shirt swinging a golf club

Practice: Creating the Ultimate Learning Environment

The key to unlocking your athlete’s full potential lies in creating a persistent, high-quality and distraction-free learning environment.

Before CoachNow, it was impossible to create that environment. You could only be in one place at a time - and every time your athletes practice without you, they don’t get the calibrative, deliberative feedback that ensures they are practicing correctly.

CoachNow “Spaces” were designed to fix that problem.

When utilized properly, Spaces give athletes everything they need to succeed: guidance on how to practice effectively, connections to their inner circe of key people, and tools to track their progress every step of the way. All without the pervasive distractions of social media, texts, Whatsapp etc!

Using our powerful video analysis tools allows you to be hyper-specific with your feedback, and correct errors before they metastasize into bad habits.

At the end of the day, CoachNow is a platform that enables more efficient practice, communication, and progress, regardless of sport or goal.

Deep practice is a key pillar for us and should be a key pillar for you. Everything you do as a coach comes down to teaching your athletes to practice effectively.

And by utilizing Spaces, you provide feedback exactly when and where your athletes need it most.
people: building connections and support systems, multiple photos of athletes training in golf and baseball

People: Building Connections and Support Systems

As coaches, we understand the importance of fostering meaningful relationships with our athletes.

It's not just about imparting knowledge… It's about motivating, exciting, and supporting them - every step of the way.

CoachNow provides athletes with direct access to their inner circle.

Whether it's their coaches, fellow athletes, or parents (for juniors), supporting these relationships with purpose built technology plays a crucial role in their journey toward success.

And you can add your inner circle of coaches and support to your training Space, so they can chime in when needed.

Plus, unlike other platforms, CoachNow gives your athletes access to JUST the people they while also keeping away the people they don’t.

In other words, it’s a curated environment of everyone you need to help your athletes crush their goals.
progress: visualizing success and overcoming plateaus, rocketship flying over a bar graph that's increasing in size

Progress: Visualizing Success and Overcoming Plateaus

Finally, let's talk about an obvious goal of coaching - Progress.

Here’s the deal: if your athlete doesn’t FEEL like they are progressing, they will give up. Even if they are getting better, they need to see that progress themselves or they will likely no longer seek your coaching.

Think about it like this: what’s the first thing people do when they climb a mountain?

They look back at the view to see how far they’ve come

Often people lose track of their journey because they lose track of progress. As a coach, it is crucial that you give your athletes a full understanding of just how far they’ve come.

With the powerful visualization and tracking tools integrated into CoachNow, athletes see their progress unfold before their eyes. And, importantly, they can scroll on their feed and compare themselves today to themselves years ago.

Whether it's shaving strokes off their handicap in golf or reaching new heights in their athletic pursuits, these reflections become beacons of inspiration for them to move forward with new excitement about their growth.

Progress is central to CoachNow’s mission BOTH in the sense that it helps athletes progress AND visualize that progression.

As a coach, be sure you are doing the same.

One more note: It’s possible to implement the 3 P’s outside of CoachNow.

There is tons of software out there that can aid your communication with your athletes.

However, what CoachNow offers is a distraction-free, purpose-built solution, by coaches, for coaches.

Trust me, sending coaching communications via text and sending videos via email will lead to miscommunications, lost information, and frustration.

Using Social Media groups or apps adds tons of additional distraction that will derail your athletes.

CoachNow gives you EVERYTHING you need to build a successful coaching business that embraces the 3 P’s.

With that, I encourage you to keep striving for greatness, and never forget the power of the three P's!
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