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The Importance of Coaching Relationships: Striking a Balance

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When I was coaching, I wanted my athletes to have everything they needed to get better, faster.

I worked tirelessly to give my athletes the tools, feedback, knowledge, and resources they need to improve as efficiently as possible.

But trying to balance communication, progress tracking, coaching, relationship management, scheduling, etc. left me overwhelmed and in a reactive state.

I was constantly worried I’d forgotten something, missed an email/ text from an athlete or parent, or was letting somebody down.


If you’re reading this as a coach, there’s no doubt you can relate.

The struggle is real.

I know that every coach desires to provide their athletes with everything they need to realize their dreams. And it’s not merely about coaching, equipment or training schedules…. Mentors, peers, family, and complimentary/specialized coaches are often vital components of their long-term development

Yet, managing these multifaceted relationships and ensuring consistent, coordinated communication can be VERY draining.

How do you keep track of each athlete’s progress? How do you provide feedback with context that is both timely and constructive?

More importantly, how do you ensure you’re not overwhelmed and burning out in the process? Because if you do, nobody wins. Your life sucks, your athletes don’t get the love they need, and ultimately you’ll end up quitting coaching altogether.

This struggle is the exact reason I started CoachNow over a decade ago. In fact, it’s a direct reflection of the pain points I faced and that thousands of other coaches feel everyday. Maybe you do too?

And if my career as a high-performance coach taught me anything, it’s that success doesn’t just depend on the progress or performance of our athletes. The relationships we cultivate are just as important, if not more important.

That’s why CoachNow is all about relationship management. It all comes back to the foundation of coaching, relationships..

When you’re worried about missing a text, email or notification, it’s not just about forgetting that email – it’s about potentially stalling an athlete's progress or damaging an essential relationship.

Tracking an athlete’s journey is not just about metrics and milestones.

It’s about illustrating a narrative – a holistic view of an athlete's development that says "look how far we've come; imagine where we can go next."

When we present this narrative to prospective athletes (or their parents), it becomes much more than just a sales pitch. It's a tangible testament to your commitment to the RELATIONSHIP, methodology, and their success.

In other words, it reinforces the relationship.

The result?

When athletes feel genuinely valued and understood, they are way more likely to remain a loyal customer in the long run.

This loyalty translates to better client retention, which makes growing your business much less stressful (see a previous post: Compound Your Coaching).

These athletes will also be more receptive to investing in their long-term development through annual programs that act as a win-win-win for you, your athletes, and your business.

Moreover, a satisfied athlete becomes a brand ambassador, often sharing their positive experiences with peers, which creates referrals and organic growth for your business.

And with CoachNow all of this can be easily achieved in ONE place. We strive to be your ultimate, one-stop-shop for building your coaching relationships and your business.

Remember, a sustainable coaching career you love isn’t just about elevating your athletes, but also about elevating yourself in the process.

Ultimately, by prioritizing relationships, you're setting the foundation for a business model that thrives on trust, success stories, and consistent growth.

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Cheers to striking a balance in career and life!
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