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What Do My Athletes See When I Invite Them to CoachNow?

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Remember: as a coach you’re in the driver's seat of your coaching relationships, especially when introducing new sports tech.

That’s why at CoachNow, we empower you to onboard your athletes with ease. Regardless of your sport, training plans, or particular athlete expectations ,our aim is to provide you with a flexible, easy-to-use platform to empower YOUR coaching relationships.

For today's post, I want to give all coaches a peek behind the curtain and show you exactly what your athletes see when you invite them into the platform.

For more on this topic, I recommend checking out this athlete specific web page we recently created for an overview of what CoachNow is and how it will benefit them on their athletic journey.

Let's get to it. Here is a step by step guide of what the athlete sees when you invite them to a new Space or Group:

STEP 1: Athletes Receive this email or text invite from CoachNow

Athletes should immediately receive a message inviting them to join the Space or Group you created. They’ll need to follow the link in this message to join.

If they can’t find this message, tell them to check their Spam folder.

STEP 2: They’ll be prompted to create their FREE account

After accepting the invite, they’ll be prompted to create a password and finish signing up. If they’re younger than 13, their billing information will be required to ensure parental consent.

Please reassure them that CoachNow will NOT charge the card, it’s just a way to ensure safety of minors on the platform.

STEP 3: They’ll be prompted to answer a few quick questions.

They’ll select their Role, Sport/ Subject and label themselves with a Name/ Title.

Step 4: They’ll select their Role, Sport/ Subject and label themselves with a Name/ Title.

They’ll select their Role, Sport/ Subject and label themselves with a Name/ Title.

At this point, encourage them to download the Mobile apps for iOS or Android.

We also encourage you to make a quick welcome post before sending out invitations so they have context from you as soon as they are in their Space.

If for any reason you need help with onboarding, have questions about integrating your business or anything CoachNow, take advantage of a free coaching session with one of our Head Coaches - click here to book today!
We’re here in full support 👊
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