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ConnectedCoaching Gear 101: My Recommendations

In the dynamic world of coaching, technology is key to providing impactful feedback and driving athletes' development forward.

At CoachNow, we’re always on the lookout for innovative technologies that empower coaches and athletes alike.

And coaches are always asking me what technology I recommend for improving the athlete experience.

So this week, I wanted to share some of my recommendations.

This list isn’t exhaustive but should act as a good jumping off point for getting started with CoachNow compatible gear. And of course, you don’t need ALL of this to get started. Try just a few and see how it feels.

Let’s get to it.
gpd stand holing an iPhone on a golf putting course displaying coachnow

Monopod with Tripod Accessory

A versatile monopod with a tripod accessory is a must have in your kit.

Suitable for coaches in any sport, it offers the flexibility to film in various environments—whether on grass or concrete, indoors or outdoors.

Here I recommend the GPod Mono. It’s easily the best in the biz.

Specifically, I love that it features a MagSafe magnet. It makes attaching your smartphone and consistently capturing specific angles super easy.

STAND REC: Gpod Mono

Full disclosure: We get an affiliate kickback from that link. But I’m not recommending them here because they are affiliates - I’ve chosen them as affiliates BECAUSE they are so great.
woman in a white shift with a DJI microphone on her collar

External Microphones

In coaching, clarity of communication is crucial. Often your phone's microphone wont be strong enough to pick up your voice from several feet away.

To capture content from a distance without losing audio quality, we highly recommend DJI microphones for their exceptional performance.


Although a bit pricier, they're worth the investment!

Alternatively for iOS users, you can use AirPods directly in app.

If you wanna try a cheap bluetooth microphone, here’s one that I’ve tried that gets the job done: Link to amazon page.
anker charger powering an iPhone using CoachNow

Power, Protection, and Cooling for Your Devices

Ensuring your devices remain charged and protected throughout the day is a must. External battery packs are crucial to ensure you get through the day without a hitch


I’ve also found a glare-reducing cover for your phone or iPad to be invaluable on sunny days. They make it super easy to see your screen even if there is direct sunlight hitting the screen. As a result, it also has the downstream effect of allowing you to keep your brightness down, which can further improve your battery life.


We also recommend cooling fans for smartphones in hot climates or during sunny conditions. This way, you’re gonna prevent your device from overheating and guarantee uninterrupted use.

Remote Recording Control

While not a necessity, a Bluetooth shutter control can greatly improve your recording process with remote start and stop. With this tool, you’ll be able to manage recording sessions more efficiently without having to continually return to your phone to stop and start the recording.

Here’s one I recommend.

Additionally, if you have an Apple Watch, our newest update allows you to stop and start your camera, directly from your wrist.

With the addition of Apple Watch compatibility, you’ll have a hands-free option for creating controlling video start/stop, taking photos and interacting with the CoachNow app.

Again, I’m not recommending you need to buy all these recommendations and implement them into your coaching.

But, trust me, incorporating the gear that makes sense for you into your coaching practice will save you time and enrich your coaching experience for your athletes.

What will you implement next? I’d love to hear how it changes the game for you!
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