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CoachNow in Action - 3 Stellar Examples from REAL Coaches

CoachNow in Action - 3 Stella Examples from REAL Coaches
In this blog, we’re highlighting the heart of what makes CoachNow so special: the real-world success stories from coaches just like you.

Because CoachNow isn’t just about the bells and whistles – it's about the impact, the breakthroughs, and the community that's thriving through our platform.

I handpicked three Instagram posts from the last month that really highlight the diversity and effectiveness of CoachNow in various coaching scenarios. I hope you enjoy the inspiration!

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Coach Name: Steve Fawcitt

Instagram Handle: @stevefawcitt_golf_coach

Tools Used: Slow Motion, Overlay

What Stands Out: The overlay feature is perfect for showcasing progress over time. It’s sometimes hard to see how far you’ve come, but by overlaying the “before” and “after” shots, the improvement is crystal clear. As he puts it: Being able to see the old and new on top of each other helps to make clear the amount we have reduced the sway.
Coach Name: Kevin McKinnon

Instagram Handle: @train2.0.ottawa.valley

Tools Used: Versus mode, Skeleton Tracking, Voice Over

What Stands Out: Versus mode isn’t just for illustrating progress of one athlete over time - it can also be used to compare your athletes to the pros. In this example, Kevin highlights a specific movement from the NHL and uses skeleton tracking to show the athlete proper form. This is a super cool teaching moment made possible through direct video comparisons.
Coach Name: Kirk Goodson

Instagram Handle: @backwardacademy

Tools Used: Annotations, Slow Motion, CoachCam, Voice Over

What Stands Out: This is a phenomenal step-by-step walkthrough of all the key moments in this pitcher’s form (baseball). We love the approach he takes by scrubbing frame by frame, calling out specific crucial moments, and using annotations to further specify exactly what the athlete should be paying attention to. And, of course, we love to see CoachCam being used to add that extra level of personalization.

Hope you liked these posts! We’ll be back next month with another collection of stellar coaching through Coachnow.

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