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IG June Round Up - CoachNow Featured Coaches

coachnow 3 real world examples of success with coachnow
Every day, dozens of coaches tag us on Instagram, showcasing how they use CoachNow in real-world settings.

For this week’s blog, I’ve chosen 3 of those Instagram posts to highlight.

As always, these are stellar examples of CoachNow members using the platform to improve their coaching delivery, engage their athletes, and showcase their skills to their audience online.

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Coach Name: Matt Tiplady

Instagram Handle:

Tools Used: Slow Motion, Dynamic Annotation Tools

What Stands Out: Our Dynamic Annotation tools are perfect for assessing an athlete’s performance down to the smallest details. As mentions, the slow-motion feature helps analyze all positions of the golf swing. You could even use our VS comparison tool to look at the positions side by side.
Coach Name: Ryan Dailey

Instagram Handle: @ryandaileygolf

Tools Used: CoachCam, Line drawing Tools, Slow Motion

What Stands Out: From the golfer’s address to impact positions and everything in between, CoachCam and line drawing tools combine for powerful and streamlined video analysis feedback.
Instagram Handle: @thefootygolfer

Tools Used: AI-Enabled Skeleton Tracking, Instant Feedback, Slow Motion

What Stands Out: In this example, @thefootygolfer uses CoachNow skeleton tracking to see what he did right in the shot while driving to his bombed tee shot! He also gets instant feedback that the swing was a little steep so he can incorporate the feedback on his next drive. The best part - he’s able to do all of this analysis and integrate the feedback, while still on the course. Are you encouraging your athletes to utilize CoachNow during practice for instant feedback? If not, everyone is missing out!

Hope you liked these posts! We’ll be back next month with another collection of stellar coaching through Coachnow.

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Have a great weekend!
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