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SEE IT IN ACTION - 5 Examples of Killer Analyses From CoachNow Coaches

examples of golf, mountain biking, and swimming coaches using CoachNow
The world's best coaches, academies, and national programs in 60+ sports across 140 countries rely on CoachNow each and every day.

You’ve probably heard us cite this statistic before… But these aren’t just numbers - they're dedicated individuals who breathe life into their sports, leveraging CoachNow to enhance their coaching and grow their businesses.

From state-of-the-art video analysis to streamlined communication channels, CoachNow coaches utilize every tool at their disposal to connect with and elevate their athletes.

So today I wanted to share a few killer analyses I’ve seen from our members recently. These coaches are fantastic role models for you all – I hope they inspire you as much as they do me!

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Let’s Get to it:
Coach Name: Emma de Groot

Instagram Handle: @emmadegrootgolf

Tools Used: Voice Over, Skeleton Tracking, Slow Motion, Annotations, Versus Mode, Overlay

What Stands Out: "The perfect way to expedite the improvement process", as she puts it. Throughout her analysis, she uses the Skeleton Tracking feature, stops at specific key frames, then uses arrow annotations to further communicate the points she's making. She makes great use of the frame-by-frame scrubbing as she shows the followthrough on the athlete’s swing.
Coach Name: Lance Gill

Instagram Handle: @lancegillperformance

Tools Used: Voice Over, Skeleton Tracking, Annotations

What Stands Out: Utilizing Skeleton Tracking and our telestration tools to break down a movement assessment of a young golfer. He uses AI-Enabled Skeleton tracking to track movements super precisely. With this athlete, he is focused on spine angles, and the Skeleton helps the athlete see exactly where they go wrong and what to improve.
Coach Name: Shannon House Keegan

Instagram Handle: @intrepidwater
What Stands Out: Sharing a great example of how they market remote swim coaching by doing a quick CoachNow walkthrough. This is a fantastic example of an onboarding video you can send to your athletes when they are just getting started in CoachNow. She walks through the WHY and the HOW of posting content in CoachNow in a super simple and straightforward way.
Coach Name: Jarrad Connolly

Instagram Handle: @dynamiccyclingacademy

Analysis Tools Used: CoachCam, Slow Motion, Annotations

What Stands Out: Super solid technical mountain bike skills analysis using CoachCam and our telestration tools. Love the unique use-case!
Coach Name: Tim Cooke

Instagram Handle: @timcookegolf

Analysis Tools Used: CoachCam, Slow Motion, Annotations

What Stands Out: Leverages CoachCam & SkeletonTracking to showcase how one of his athletes generates some serious speed! Great feedback, great presentation, and overall delivering stellar value to his athletes

Hope you liked this post! These coaches stand as a testament to how technology, when harnessed with passion, can truly elevate the art of coaching.

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