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Masterclass Replay: The Power of Programming

CoachNow Operation 36 Golf Masterclass Replay: The Power of Programming
Are you interested in learning more about the power of programming? Eager to learn about KEY mindset shifts you need for success?

If so, check out the Power of Programming Masterclass Spencer hosted alongside Operation 36 Founders Ryan Dailey and Matt Reagan.

Here’s a summary of some of the things we covered during our live Masterclass:

Transitioning from Coach to Entrepreneur

No matter the sport, transitioning from a solo coach to running a successful business requires mastering programming, business operations, and hiring. Read more about this mindset shift on our popular blog: You’re not just a coach, you’re an entrepreneur.

Programming Over Lessons

One key takeaway is the importance of focusing on programming rather than just individual lessons. By developing templated programs that others can teach, you can scale your business and create consistent revenue streams. Pre-packaged programs are excellent starting points, allowing coaches to profit quickly without reinventing the wheel.

We’ve covered this topic at length in our blog: How to Implement Long-Term Development Programs, Coaching Habits to Implement in 2024

Learn from Others’ Success

Instead of starting from scratch, use successful existing programs to avoid costly mistakes. Ryan shares how using established programs helped them avoid years of financial losses and build a profitable coaching business more quickly.

Pushing Through Fear

Transitioning from traditional lessons to group programming can be daunting. Ryan and Matt emphasize the importance of taking small steps.

We covered a similar topic in a recent blog: More on Moonshots - Start Small, Dream Big

Whether you’re just starting out or have tons of experience under your belt, there’s something for everyone in this Masterclass.
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