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3 Tips For Crafting an Irresistible Coaching Offer

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  • But, while the Hook and Story provide crucial context for a prospective client… but all roads lead to the offer itself. 
  • A good offer bundles products and services, is communicated in a clear and direct CTA, and only comes from iteration and experimentation over time. 
  • Learn from others, listen to your own data, and be entrepreneurial when building your offer. Once you strike a cord, the work will be worth it!

Last week, we published a blog on the “Hook → Story → Offer” marketing framework and how it relates to your coaching business. 

In that post, we only had time to dive into the “Hook” and “Story” component of the framework. 

But, while the Hook and Story provide crucial context for a prospective client.. If you don’t have an idea of WHAT EXACTLY you’re selling, what’s the point of even getting anybody’s attention in the first place? 

All roads lead to the actual OFFER itself. And the offer is exactly what we’ll be covering today. 

Let’s hop right in – here are my top 3 tips for making your coaching offer irresistible to your ideal customer. 

1. BUNDLE Your Products/ Services

To start, when I say the word “offer”, I am referring to a collection of “products.”

In the context of coaching, these products could be in-person and/or remote coaching sessions, various curriculum modules,, training/exercise plans, meal plans, or learning materials like an eBook, or virtual #ConnectedCoaching access via CoachNow (wink emoji), to name a few. 

I often see coaches trying to sell each of these “products” separately and expecting the customer to self select, building a cart with EXACTLY what they think they want from your coaching. 

BUT, while A la carte purchases can be a useful tool for things like lead magnets (eg: a free offer in exchange for an email), upsells, and price settings, the real gold lies when your offer bundles products to increase perceived value, at a discounted rate. 

Truth is, customers often aren’t great at deciding which of your products are right for them, and will rarely decide to purchase additional resources if the marginal cost is too readily apparent. It’s your job to create something compelling – in other words, you should do everything you can to stack the offer. 

You’ve seen this tactic before. Whether it be a “basic, pro, and elite” pricing tiers for a software stack, or even a combo meal at McDonalds (e.g. “A soda costs me $2 on its own, but a combo with soda and fries is only $1.59 more than my hamburger!). 

Hundreds, if not thousands, of multi-billion dollar corporations use these tiered pricing plans. 

Learn from them. They do so BECAUSE IT WORKS. 

At CoachNow, you can see this strategy in action with our “Free, Plus, and Business” tiers on our pricing page:

For your coaching business, your product tiers could add additional video resources, increase the number of videos you analyze per week, or include a discount when they commit for a longer period of time. 

However you do it, just be sure that the pricing “steps” are compelling. Your goal is for them to spend a little more for that additional perk(s) and/or products…

I’m confident you can quickly create Evergreen content, bundle it in with a “mid-tier” offer and quickly see your revenue spike. 

2. Direct Your Customers to ONE, CLEAR CTA

Over the last decade, I’ve audited hundreds of coaching offers at the ConnectedCoach Academy.  

From all that experience, there is one singular mistake that I have run into time and time again: lack of a clear, singular Call to Action (in marketing lingo, a CTA). 

In my experience, coaches either (1) don’t have a CTA at all, (2) have too many CTA’s, or (3) the CTA is spread out among so many buttons that it’s unclear what a potential client is supposed to DO when they interact with your website or content. 

I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve told many coaches: the fewer CTAs you have, the better. In fact, best case scenario, you only have one CTA where all of your marketing efforts funnel. 

Now for coaches, the CTA is usually a sign up button for some kind of lesson pack or service. 

But you could also offer something else with your CTA. 

For example, in our 7 day trial series for CoachNow+, we focus the first half of the sequence on booking a call with one of our head coaches, and in the later half we present the benefits of CoachNow+ (e.g. how much time they can save and how much money they can make). 

But one thing is clear in all of these emails: the recipient knows exactly what they are being asked to do. We wanted to make it extra clear WHAT we want from them and HOW they should go about doing it. 

Taking the same philosophy and applying it to your offer will eliminate unnecessary decision fatigue from your customers and help focus your marketing efforts towards ONE ultra-compelling offer. 

Give it a try! 

3. Listen to Your Customers and ITERATE 

Here’s a harsh truth: if you’re getting consistent traffic on your website and you still aren’t converting, your offer likely SUCKS.

No one gets it right the first time, and that's OK. The real failure is not listening to the data/feedback and iterating based on what you’ve learned..

Now, I’m not advocating for you to invest a bunch of time and energy into data warehouses and complicated analytics software. There is only so much you can do to your offer before you deviate from your expertise.  

What I am advocating for is being objective, somewhat scientific, and willing to be proven wrong for any of your “pet projects”. The biggest hindrance to your progress can be your ego. 

At least once I quarter, I recommend picking one offer “experiment” to conduct. Maybe it's a new tagline, adding a new form of coaching, or bundling in a new digital product to your offer. 

Before conducting the experiment, conduct a “pre-mortem” - what is your goal and timeline? What are your success criteria? When will you call the experiment a failure? 

I know it’s difficult, but removing emotion is critical to refinding and iterating on your product. You will know when you strike a cord with your ideal customers – that could come in the form of a revenue spike or sharp increase in traffic. 

The more quantitative you can be, the better. Dare to stick your neck out and try something new. All it takes is one home run swing to change the course of your business forever. 

I promise that these experiments will be CRUCIAL in making a positive difference in your conversion from prospective clients to paid.. 

Have ideas for an experiment? Shoot me a message. I’d love to help you dial it in and hit the ground running.

Let’s be honest: in today’s world of information overload, catching the attention of your ideal customer is no easy task. 

But you have to start somewhere. Between last week’s and this blog, you should be well on your way to ramping up your messaging and increasing demand for your coaching services. 

For more resources from the ConnectedCoach Academy, check out our newly redesigned website - a one-stop shop for all things #ConnectedCoaching. It’s still in its early phase and I can’t wait to show you the additional content and digital resources we’ve been working on. 

As always, my team is just a quick email away. Let me know if you need help with anything. 

Here’s to crafting an engaging hook, story, and offer and exponentially growing your business!

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