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The Power of Micro Touch Points

a young golfer getting feedback from Spencer Dennis in CoachNow
The most successful Coaches within the CoachNow universe are incredibly adept at delivering timely value in small doses. As ConnectedCoaches, we call that a "Micro-Touch Point".

Rather than check in once a week with a ton of information, a micro-touch point takes a coach seconds to implement, while providing huge calibrative feedback for your athlete. 

Ever heard of "three steps forward, two steps back"? When Coaches sell "lessons" once a week, it's common for athletes to lose much of their progress immediately after leaving the session. 

This is where micro-touch points come to the rescue. 

Micro touch points focus on iterative improvement in real-time, helping to reinforce success and minimize the development of bad habits before they take root. While this results in a more frequent back and forth, overall it saves everyone time and accelerates results. 

I created CoachNow to make these micro-touch points ridiculously easy to manage. The whole platform is designed to help your athletes take three steps forward during your time together and continue taking steps four, five, and six (and beyond) when you are not. 

Simply put - if you're using CoachNow effectively, micro-touch points are already baked into your business. It's our job as coaches to create accountable athletes as soon as we can. 

But what does this look like in practice? 

This means that the majority of the posts in a Space will be made by the athlete, not the coach. In an ideal scenario, they will share their progress in their space, and you will monitor these updates and capitalize on high-value opportunities as much as possible (we're talking no more than a few minutes everyday per client). 

Let's dive into an example to illustrate this important concept…. 

Check out these screenshots and quick Gif, highlighting some micro-touch points with one of my clients:
Young Golfer Getting Feedback in CoachNow

GIF of a coach giving feedback on a golf swing in CoachNow

  • The posts come from Jay - added while he's at the range, at his house, and on the course.
  • I didn't interact with each post unless he asked for help. When he asked, I jumped in and spent no more than 5 minutes replying back to him. 
  • All these images and comments will be forever saved in his space. This adds additional value by giving an easy reference to his progress over time. 
This method gives your clients tons of VALUE and takes very little time. It will help you stand out from the competition and serves as a unique, win-win for everyone involved.

While you will need to set boundaries for your time at first, your "flow" with micro touch-points will kick in quickly, and I guarantee you and your athletes will never look back. 

Here's to delivering more value in less time!

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