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3 Ways to Eliminate Repetition in Your Coaching Business: The “One and Done” Method

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At CoachNow, our #1 goal is to help coaches save time, make more money and be location independent when delivering their expertise to their athletes. 

How do we do that? By allowing coaches to leverage their expertise and remove redundancy from their coaching practices.

Call this the “one and done” approach to coaching – and that’s what we’re gonna cover today. 

Here are 3 features in CoachNow+ and CoachNow PRO that will help you eliminate redundancy and save yourself tons of time. 

Let’s get to it. 

1. Pre Populate Your Athlete Onboarding With Templates

Templates allow you to pre-populate content in one place and have it at your fingertips when your athletes are ready for it. 

One of the most common use-cases for Templates is streamlining the onboarding process of a new athlete. 

When in the “Templates” section of the web app, try creating a welcome/onboarding post - this will be the first post a new athlete sees when they create their CoachNow account and connect with you in the Space you created for them. 

We recommend keeping your “welcome” post simple with just a short video of yourself, welcoming a new athlete into their Space and a brief rundown of what to expect from your time together using CoachNow. If you’ve already standardized your kick off process, you can also add drills, examples, or PDF worksheets with their training plan. 

Then, when creating a Space or Group, simply select the Template you wish to use and bam! It’ll automatically create those first posts immediately with no extra work required. 

No more copying and pasting from a notes app or scrolling through past athlete’s feeds to find that perfect message. Just create a Template once and you’ll have it handy whenever you need it.

Currently, Templates can only be used when creating a Space, Group, or Channel, BUT in the future CoachNow PRO users will be able to add them to any post within a Space, Group, or Channel. In combination with the PRO Scheduled Posts feature, Templates will unlock the power of moduled courses and training programs within CoachNow, helping you make money while you sleep. 

For more on Templates, including a video walkthrough on how to use them, click here. 

2. Access All Past Content Immediately With The “Cloud Library” 

Since the beginning of CoachNow, the functionality of the Cloud Library has been a major selling point. 

And that’s because our cloud library has functionality and integration that no other coaching app has.  Namely, it saves ALL the content you create and/or upload into the app and allows you to access it at any time, directly in the post creator. 

Why include this feature? 

Because it allows you to reuse content from other athletes as it becomes relevant. EVERYTHING from ALL your Spaces, Groups, etc. is right at your fingertips, so you can pull up the perfect video,demo, drill, you name it, without having to leave the platform or be constantly re-shooting the same things over and over again.

Because here’s the truth: you're never going to demonstrate a drill better than when you’re in front of an actual athlete who needs it.

Explaining something TO your athletes will ALWAYS come across as more natural and genuine than just doing it in front of the camera. So if you demo correct form for Athlete A, and then later Athlete B makes a similar mistake, you can pop that demo in their space right then and there. 

Plus, the Cloud Library eliminates the time and phone storage wasted when uploading/downloading large video and audio files. And, with the recent overhaul of our video software those speeds are only getting faster and more efficient. 

To summarize, the Cloud Library is an immensely powerful tool to help you save time and stay organized. If you haven’t been using it to its full potential, now is the time to start! 

3. Bulk Message All Your Athletes With “Lists” 

I want you to think about CoachNow’s “Lists” feature as akin to a BCC email. 

Essentially you can send the same message to thousands of people, and they directly reply to you in their Space. And the best part? They have no idea that you sent it to any other athletes. Pretty cool, right!?

And in CoachNow, you can create all kinds of lists for different audiences, based on the types of announcements or information they would be interested in. Think of it as a way to organize your entire database of athletes into easy broadcast lists. 

An example list might be the juniors that you work with. Or The adults, the pros, the college players, etc. 

There are tons of ways Lists can help curate a feeling of personalization and community within your various athlete’s Spaces while saving you tons of time. 

You could create a “theme of the week” E.g. What's your number one goal/ what do you want to improve this week? 

Send it to all athletes in your database (or a specific list) and encourage them to comment. This is a great way to keep athlete’s engaged and it takes less than a minute to write the post and send it to everyone at once.

Or even use Lists to post a weekly Newsletter. 

Keep your athletes up to date on your sport or business by curating a list of updates that they might find interesting. Or send some weekly “inspiration” videos from the best of the best in your sport. Instead of using email or distracting social media to keep your athletes informed, try doing that directly inside of CoachNow. 

However you want to use them, Lists are an incredibly powerful tool that can save you tons of time. 

Give it a shot! 

There you have it! 3 ways CoachNow is changing the game and helping you save time. 

Of course, this is just the beginning. With our recent launch of CoachNow PRO, we will be constantly adding features that further eliminate repetition and automate your coaching business. 

Not a PRO member yet? Click here to start a free 7 day trial (no credit card required). 

Here’s to eliminating repetition and delivering maximum value to your athletes!

P.S. Like this content? Hate this content? Think we’re missing a topic in our growing content library? Submit any and all feedback at this link. We read every submission – don’t be shy!

P.S. Like this content? Hate this content? Think we’re missing a topic in our growing content library? Submit any and all feedback at this link. We read every submission – don’t be shy!

P.P.S. Still not a member of CoachNow PRO? Click here to sign up for a free 7 day trial and receive 15% off your first year. Hundreds of coaches are raving about PRO - we’d love to have you on board! 
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