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ATTENTION! CoachNow Video Tools Just Received their BIGGEST EVER Update - Included on iOS with ALL paid CoachNow Plans

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Before I get started, a little background. 

Everything we do in the CoachNow Platform is built entirely in house. Our dedicated development team are total rock stars.

…rewind the clock to 2012. 

Some of you reading this may remember the time before mobile apps, when “burning” CDs was the only way athletes could see your lesson. In fact, this exact frustration is exactly what drove me to want to create CoachNow in the first place. 

Even when mobile apps hit the scene, getting video content to clients was nearly impossible. SMS texts didn’t allow for much storage, and email was much less sophisticated than it is today (and even today, it’s poor for video sharing).

When we first built CoachNow (some of you even remember us as “Edufii”) it was made possible thanks to advances in cloud computing technology. At the time, this tech was virtually brand new, and the advent of this technology propelled us to where we are today. 

In other words, we were super early to the sports-tech game. The technology was brand new, and our in house development team optimized everything incredibly given the limitations of the time. 

We know coaches require sophisticated and efficient tools to give state of the art feedback to their athletes. But here’s the deal: from the start, I knew that video analysis on its own wasn’t enough. We have never been a “video analysis platform”, per se. It’s just one of the many key things we do well. 

And, truth is, video analysis requires a substantial amount of development resources and sophisticated technology to pull off.

So.. Why am I telling you this? 

I think it’s important for you to understand that, whenever you build new features, you have to build them on top of the foundation you have. And, since we’ve been around for so long, we’ve had to release iterative improvements on what is, frankly, becoming outdated as time goes on. 

Recently, our team decided the time it takes to fine tune existing features would be better served in other places (like, for example, in expediting the exciting new features of CoachNow PRO). 

So, in the last few months, we’ve been hard at work to completely overhaul the infrastructure of our video capabilities from the ground up. 

And it’s now LIVE for all iOS users. 100% free for all members. 

So.. What are the advantages of this update? 

1. Processing time is exponentially increased. 

Moving forward, there will be little to NO wait time for analysis. 

Import the video and BOOM you will be able to start analysis instantaneously. 
No more waiting for slow mo to process, no more compressing files to do voice over. It just works and it works immediately.

Plus, you’ll no longer have to wait for voice overs to process after the fact. No 
more spinning wheel, it just saves immediately. 

As you know, I speak often about the importance of saving you time, so this is a huge deal to me. I’m beyond excited for you to experience it in action. 

2. Enhanced Features and Updated Interface

This update will also completely upend the existing UI. Icons will be clearer, symbols will be more customizable, and the interface will be much more responsive.

Scrubbing through videos and annotation will also be much smoother and seamless. No more friction between what you WANT to do and what you CAN do. 

This overhaul also means that new features and icons will come much more frequently. There will be a much shorter window from “idea’ to “reality”, meaning we can act much quicker on the feedback for new features from our amazing members. 

At launch, we already have integrated the timer feature (perfect for selfies) and a long hold to delete annotations into the new video platform. And there will be plenty more to come! 

3. Stability Improvements

Here’s the deal: the vast majority of time for the vast majority of users, video analysis works as expected. 

That being said, crashes do happen and device compatibility issues arise. It happens, and we always do our best to fix these issues asap as they are brought to our attention. 

Most of the instability comes from the background I explained above - the fact that our video analysis tech’s foundation is ready for an upgrade.. Upending this foundation will eliminate the vast majority of these past issues. 

As a result, the videos saved in your app will also take up nearly 5x less space, without you even knowing about it. This will lead to a smoother experience overall, even if you're housing dozens of hours of content. 

At the end of the day, this overhaul represents a huge step for CoachNow. I’ve been wanting this for a long time and think you’ll be pleased with the results. 

Your video analysis suite is now SO much faster and MUCH more robust. I’m confident that these improvements will save you tons of time and minimize any frustrating situations you may have found yourself in in the past. 

And the best part? This is only the beginning. There are TONS of more exciting features to be announced in our video analysis suite. 

Download the latest version of CoachNow in the AppStore to gain access to all of these new features, totally free of charge for your athletes and members of both CoachNow+ AND CoachNow PRO. 

Stay tuned for more exciting updates. Enjoy! 

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