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The Power of ConnectedCoaching with Mark Govier & Spencer Dennis

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This week, CoachNow Founder Spencer Dennis interviewed Mark Govier, founder of Elite Golf Coach and High Performance Coach at Altus. 

We're confident that all coaches will gain some valuable tactics and tips, regardless of sport or experience. 

You can view the recording by clicking below: 

Here’s some of our favorite highlights (and Time Stamps) from the hour-long conversation: 


  • At 7:30, Spencer and Mark discuss how to integrate online coaching into their offers, helping them work less while making more (in fact, Mark said raising his rates actually increased the demand for his coaching!)

  • At 19:30, Mark gives his advice for retaining customers while transitioning into a subscription-based, hybrid remote coaching model. 

  • At 35:00, Spencer asks Mark to give his single biggest piece of advice for new coaches and explains what he would have done differently knowing what he knows now (You’ll have to watch to get this nugget, I dont wanna spoil it for ya.) 

  • And, of course, at 48:00, we took questions from the live audience. Mark tackled a variety of viewer questions, ranging from business development to coaching best practices to his advice for CoachNow users. 

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