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How the ALL-NEW Template Features Can Automate Your Coaching and Help You Make More Money

Last week, we announced our plans to significantly overhaul how Templates work in CoachNow.

Right on schedule, we rolled out these features to CoachNow PRO users this week. You will see the update today in the web application. NOTE: the feature may not be in your account at the time of this publication.

With this upgrade, you can now:
  • Apply Templates to existing Spaces, Groups, or Channels.
  • Add time-delays between your posts within Templates.
Last week was mainly focused on the HOW of these new features.

But for this week’s post, I wanna dive into the WHY.

I wanna help you see just how powerful these features are when it comes to saving you time and expanding what you can offer your athletes.

Let’s get to it. Here’s 3 ideas for how to use the game-changing Template updates.

1. Create Collections of Common Drills and/or Mistakes

I was a coach once.. I know that between all your athletes, you’ll find yourself repeating the same pointers, teaching the same drills, noticing the same mistakes, etc.

I suggest creating templates for your most frequently used drills or common mistakes. Include detailed instructions, images, videos, and even annotations to ensure your athletes understand the drill's nuances.

Now, when a new athlete joins your coaching program or when you identify a coaching opportunity with an existing athlete, you can instantly apply your drill Templates..

In other words, you only have to create the Post(s) ONCE and they’ll be handy whenever you need them.

You notice your athlete needs to improve their technique in a specific area? Just apply that template.

You notice your athlete making a common mistake? Just apply that template.

Of course, you can choose to have the full template post all at once. But I recommend using the template scheduling feature to create a series of posts that drip in their Space on a pre-set schedule.

More on that in the next few sections..

2. Create Standardized Coaching Programs and Sell Them On Demand

I've talked in the past about the benefits of selling courses on demand (see here, here, here, and here for examples).

With Automated Template Scheduling, building and delivering on-demand courses directly within CoachNow is easier than ever.

Whether it's a multi-month coaching plan or a specialized training program, try leveraging Templates to automate the delivery of content to your athletes.

And there’s no need to overcomplicate this at all..

Just film a series of short modules, create a few actionable high-value pieces of “homework”/ worksheets, and sell it on your website, socials etc (I usually recommend intro courses starting at $99, but test many prices to see what works!).

The format of “X-Time to Y” works super-well in the marketing world: e.g. “6 Weeks to A Stronger Back”, “30-day Ab Challenge”, “3 Month Golf Swing Crash Course”, etc.

Upload the modules into CoachNow, create a new Template, and schedule out all the modules in advance.

For instance, you can send a "Welcome to the Course" message on Day 1, follow up with a progress inquiry after 3 days, Request their first video submission after 7 days, etc.

Then, whenever someone purchases your course, add the athlete to the Space, set the template, and let CoachNow take care of the rest.

Automated Template Scheduling is a powerful tool to offer new coaching programs without adding additional administrative work on your end.

And because you no longer have to manually deliver content and reminders, you can add value by engaging with athletes in discussions and providing personalized feedback where it matters most.

Give it a try!

3. Automate the Feedback Loop

As a coach, it’s crucial that you regularly check in with your athletes to ensure they remain engaged and excited about your coaching.

And the Template Scheduler can be super helpful in making sure your communication remains consistent.

For instance, try setting up automated messages to prompt athletes for weekly check-ins, encouraging them to share their progress, challenges, and goals.

Something Like:


In the comments below, please share:

1 win from the week

1 challenge from the week

1 goal for next week

And don’t forget to post your weekly progress video so I can give feedback!

Just create 10+ of these posts, and schedule each to send every 7 days. (If the program lasts longer than the template, simply apply the same template to the Space or Group again when it finishes).

These automated interactions create a structured rhythm, promoting accountability and providing you with a steady flow of insights.

Additionally, surveys or questionnaires can be scheduled at strategic intervals, allowing you to gather valuable feedback on program effectiveness and athlete satisfaction.

With consistent check-ins, your athletes will feel supported and heard throughout their journey.

Automating this process will save you time and ensure no athlete falls through the cracks.

With these updates to the Templates Feature, CoachNow is taking coaching efficiency to new heights.

Coaches can now apply templates to existing spaces and groups, eliminating repetition, and automating the feedback loop.

The automated scheduling feature further enhances athlete engagement by delivering content on a pre-set timeline, freeing you up to focus on what truly matters – individualized guidance, feedback, and support.

And this is just the beginning! This feature will become even more robust in the coming months as we hear feedback from our members.

Whether you're striving for personalized engagement or seeking to streamline group coaching, these updates are designed to make your coaching journey smoother and more impactful.
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