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How to Get Started Digitizing Your Coaching Expertise

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You’ve heard me say it a million times: in the modern age, it's crucial for coaches to move away from selling their time for money. For example, you can see past blogs where I touch on this here, here, here, here

Today I want to expand upon this idea and give you a few tangible examples for how to get started down this path. 

And to do so, I want to focus on one major (but not the only) component of transitioning away from exclusively selling your time for money: Digitizing Your Expertise. 

Note before we get started: some people call these ideas “productizing your expertise,” selling “online courses or “subscription coaching”. Same basic idea with slight differences that I’ll plan to cover in future posts.  

And, of course, CoachNow makes each of these super easy to implement, but it’s not wholly necessary for you to use our platform. The ideas here can help you generate revenue and leads for any coaching business, on or off the platform. 

With that all said, let’s get to it. 

1. Create a Simple eBook

Look around the internet and you’ll see this tactic employed often. Why? It works. 

Every coach reading this has insights that are unique, valuable, and worth sharing. eBooks are super easy to create and can work as powerful lead generation tools for your business. 

And there are a lot of routes you can take with an eBook… 

You could teach certain tactics to help lower scores or improve speed and technique. It can include images, graphs, videos, a website database, or even just text.

Once you have this created, the sky’s the limit when it comes to leveraging your new eBook. You can charge a small fee (say $7-$29) to purchase it, put it on your website/ social media and collect email addresses to access it, or even bundle it with a coaching package as an “added bonus”. 

You can use canva or even just Google Docs to write it up. Don’t overthink it!

2. Run a Paid Community 

Running a paid community is one of the best ways to deliver high value through “networking effects”. Your users can gain a great deal from accessing the insights of other participants looking to create similar outcomes, so if they are properly incentivized to interact, they create value for you

Plus, it acts as an effective channel for you to deliver new content beyond 1-to-1, and deliver value in an “exclusive” setting from industry peers. 

Then, with that content you deliver, your users can start a discussion on their learnings and give each other feedback, answer questions, and/or provide positive affirmations so you’re not solely responsible for their motivation. People love a feeling of community, and might even collaborate on future projects, further ingraining them in your ecosystem. 

With CoachNow PRO’s Advanced Group Controls, you can run paid communities directly on our platform. It’s one of the many ways we are “practicing what we preach” with our new membership: we are making major strides toward becoming a one-stop-shop for you to coach, create products and scale your business. (*In conjunction with a payment platform like Stripe). 

3. Create an On Demand Course

Taking the eBook and Community ideas even further… Why not create and sell an online course that covers a topic, outcome, or training you are particularly adept at and/or passionate about? 

And there’s no need to overcomplicate this at all.. 

Just film a series of short modules, create a few actionable high-value pieces of “homework”/ worksheets, and sell it on your website, socials etc. Online courses can range wildly in pricing depending on many factors - to get started, I recommend $99, but you could also go less or way more… up to you! 

Plus you can experiment with different pricing mechanisms, be it a one time fee or a monthly/ annual fee for ongoing access and education. 

And from there people can consume the content and make progress on their own schedule. They can do action items that you set up for them. 

Again, the Group Functionality of CoachNow PRO really comes in handy here. You can create a group, post all the modules in various channels, and set the group to “Read only” in the settings. 

Just copy the link to the group, include it in your payment confirmation emails (or onboarding sequence) and your course can make money for you while you sleep. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! I’m incredibly passionate about helping coaches like you rethink the very anatomy of the coaching industry itself. 

Digitizing your expertise is not just good business, it empowers you to provide value and make money while you sleep… I’d also argue that it’s necessary to stay ahead of the competition in the years to come. 

Here’s to your first or next digital product! Let me know what you create… I’d love to see it!

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