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3 Ideas for Automating Your Coaching Business

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In the last year, we’ve delivered for PRO members.

We've completely overhauled our Video and Image Analysis Suite and introduced CoachCam, AI-Enabled Skeleton Tracking, and Automatic Angle Detection.

We've streamlined our key communication features, allowing you to copy and move posts between Spaces and Groups, track post views, and see athlete engagement at a glance with Smart Lists.

And, of course, we've released powerful, all-new features that enable you to automate your business like never before. Not only can you schedule single posts to auto-publish, The Automatic Template Scheduler allows you to create a series of posts and automatically drip feed them to a Space or Group on a pre-set schedule.

In light of all these massive upgrades,we’re due for an updated post about how all these features come together to help you unlock new revenue streams and automate the busy work in your business.

Don’t want you all to miss the forest for the trees.

Of course, we also offer courses that cover this topic extensively. To learn more, you can purchase the Level 1 and Level 2 ConnectedCoach Blueprints at this link. These courses are also included with every paid plan of CoachNow PRO.

Let’s get to it!

Here are 3 examples for how to unlock the power of Automation and New Revenue Streams with CoachNow PRO Features:

1. Offer Courses with Advanced Group Controls and NEW Template Features

I’ve found that coaches have a tendency to be overly humble about their prowess in their particular sport. But I promise you… you have something unique to teach everyone who lands on your website.

So why not create a short course and sell it on auto-pilot for $100 (or more) while you sleep?

Using the Automation Tools included in PRO, creating a course or training program is easier than ever.

Just film a series of short modules, create a few actionable high-value pieces of “homework”/ worksheets, and sell it on your website, socials etc.

Once you’re finished, upload the modules into CoachNow, create a new Template, and schedule out all the modules (instructions here).

From there, you have two options:

(1) sell it a la carte or

(2) designate a start date for a “cohort.”

A la carte courses are useful for offers that include your feedback throughout the course (e.g. video analysis, comments, etc.).

For these, you’ll need to create a Space for every athlete, so they can access your coaching in their own private feed. When an athlete purchases, just add them to a Space and set the Scheduled Template.

Boom! Now your athlete will see the posts according to the pre-set schedule.

If you’d like to offer a course to a larger audience, I recommend using the advanced Groups features in CoachNow PRO.

For these, try picking a “start date” for your course. At the CoachNow Academy, we’ve sold time-specific courses as “cohorts”... Think in terms of a school semester (e.g. March 30 day challenge).

Choose your start date and create the Group with your preferred Group settings.

You can set up the group so YOU are the only one posting, replying, or seeing views/ likes (see below):
Then, when day 1 of the course rolls around, just post the template in the Group.
Now all group members will be notified each time a new post drops.

This is a great way to deliver high-value, low-cost, on-demand modules to a large audience with VERY little work on your end.

Once the template is created, all it takes is a single button press to make more money in your sleep!

2. Use Lists to Mass Message Your Athletes

With "Lists", you can send the same post to thousands of people, where they can reply directly to you in their Space.

Example lists might include your juniors, adults, pros, college players, etc.

Lists allow you to curate a feeling of personalization and community, all while saving you tons of time.

With the newest web app update, lists are now easily accessible in the “Spaces” tab”, making it super easy to mass message your athletes whenever you need.

Plus, all PRO users can see our first iteration of what we’re calling “Smart Lists” (see below):
Smart lists automatically update in real time, based on the behavior of your athletes.

This means that you no longer have to look through your spaces manually to see who’s fallen behind. At a glance, you’ll be able to see which athletes haven't been engaged, and quickly bulk message them all at once to bring them back online.

This is just the beginning of Smart Lists. We’ll be expanding this feature for PRO users in the months and years ahead.

3. Schedule Posts While You’re On Vacation

Oftentimes for coaches, taking a vacation means lost revenue.

Unfortunately, this means that coaches rarely take time to relax, leading to burn out.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - your coaching will suffer if you don’t take care of yourself first.

With Post Scheduling, taking a vacation no longer means your athletes won’t hear from you. Before taking a week off, just schedule all your training plans and “check-ins” in advance.

Or, better yet, create a Template that can be applied to all your athletes while you’re out.

It’s a win-win.

You’re able to disconnect, while your athletes are still able to improve and receive their training plans.

Whew! I know that was a long blog, but this is very important to me and I want you to understand more deeply exactly WHY I’m so passionate about where we’re headed with PRO.

To learn more about each of these topics, you can purchase the Level 1 and Level 2 ConnectedCoach Blueprints at this link. These courses are also included with every paid plan of CoachNow PRO.

As always, just let me know here if you have any questions. Hope to hear from you!

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