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Digitize Your Coaching Business: Evergreen Vs. Live Products (CCB2 Sneak Peek)

Are you a coach looking to digitize your business?

You’ve come to the right place - CoachNow was one of the first platforms to offer a digital solution for skills-based coaching, so we know a thing or two about how to effectively offer remote coaching.

Over the last 10+ years, we’ve worked with thousands of coaches across 60+ sports in 140 countries. And we’ve distilled that information down into a series of courses I’ve dubbed “The ConnectedCoach Blueprint” (CCB)

Both CCB Level 1 and Level 2 are included with a CoachNow PRO membership, or you can purchase them a la carte at this link.

For today’s post, I’m sharing a sneak peek from the CCB Level 2, our latest flagship course. This was pulled directly from module 1, and covers the basics of the “Evergreen to Live Spectrum” when it comes to digitizing your coaching expertise.

For more information on everything you see here, click the video above.

Let's get to it.
First, what do I mean by “Evergreen” vs. “Live” coaching products?

"Evergreen" products require little to no maintenance once created.

Essentially, they are sold on auto-pilot 24/7, without the need for your time and attention. Think software purchases, courses, etc. Getting these evergreen products off the ground can be a challenge, but in the long term, these types of products can lead to significant revenue with very little oversight. Aka they help you make money while you sleep.

On the other hand, "Live" products require your full attention to make money effectively. Think coaching live in person, doing a live zoom call, etc.

While Live products can be highly valuable, they require you to sell your time from a specific place at a specific time to deliver your expertise. As such, there will always be a cap on the amount of money you can make.

Now, think about evergreen vs live in the context of “leverage”. Your time is limited for live and can only be leveraged to a certain degree, while digital products can be leveraged endlessly.

The end goal in The Level 2 ConnectedCoach Blueprint is to teach you about the different products that exist between evergreen and live and to work towards creating one evergreen product.

Any good offer should contain a mixture of these products. They can and should work in harmony.

In the video above, I cover some possible digital products that you can use in your coaching business. It’s absolutely worth a watch, so head there if you want more information on each of these bullets.

eBooks (Fully Evergreen)

A perfect example would be Mike Bury’s eBooks.

With tools like Canva, these are super easy to make and work as an easy “Upsell” to any coaching offer you’re marketing.

These Canva eBooks are fully Evergreen - as soon as you make one, you can sell the PDF easily without any extra work.

You could even use an eBook in exchange for an email, a strategy I laid out in depth in this post.

Moduled Courses (Mostly Evergreen)

For an example here, check out the courses offered by Core Balance Training. They are structured really well and lessons are available on-demand.

I’m sure every coach reading this could easily assemble an on-demand course, host it in CoachNow, and sell it on your website.

In fact, that’s exactly what we do for our ConnectedCoach Blueprint Series.

Check out this post for more on using CoachNow PRO features to sell evergreen courses super easily.

Short-Term Programs or Challenges (Both Live and/or Evergreen)

Here I always think of the social media scheduling service They are always running “30 days to X” challenges that I see in my inbox constantly.

And you’ve certainly seen them in the coaching world.

Think “30 Day Ab Challenge” or something similar.

These are great because they create urgency for your potential customers and give them a tangible outcome that appeals to their desires.

They can range from totally on-demand with a pre-recorded content drip, or they could include a live daily component.

Note: your first “challenge” campaign will always take the most effort. But once you find a flow that works, it’s super easy to plug and play.
Online Paid Communities and Masterminds (Both Live and Evergreen)

A good example here would be the online tech community Abundance Digital. The “mind share” community is a big selling point with that product. With products like this, the content is created FOR YOU by your paid customers, and its value only grows the more people sign up.

And, as I’ve explained in this post, it’s super easy to host communities in CoachNow.

To get started, I’d recommend using the Groups feature to bring together athletes of a similar skill level to share tips and tricks with one another.

Having a forum for like-minded individuals to connect can be super powerful and requires little maintenance on your part. Try it out!

If this topic is interesting to you, I encourage you to check out the Level 2 ConnectedCoach Blueprint.

We cover the full spectrum of digital products, from Evergreen to Live, and everything in between.

In fact, we focus the whole course on one goal: to help you create, market and successfully sell your very own digital product in 90 days or less.

And this full course is included as part of any active CoachNow PRO membership. We’ve seen it make a positive impact for many coaches and we’d love to have you!

Talk soon.