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5 Key Benefits of CoachNow for Organizations and Academies

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NOTE:I’ll mention this out the gate in case you don’t get to the end: we offer case-by-case custom pricing plans for organizations with multiple coaches. To learn more and see what we can do for you, simply apply at this link.

For organizations – whether they are academies, gyms, small businesses, or professional sports teams – effective communication is crucial for long-term success and growth.

And CoachNow, is a powerful ally for organizations large and small.

World class academies, camps, national teams, olympic teams, and gyms rely on CoachNow every day to ensure business runs smoothly.

Here’s just a few examples..

  • IMG Academy - A multi-sport organization for camps, academies, and clinics. They use CoachNow across in their business to ensure alignment between athletes, coaches, parents, and other stakeholders

  • PGA China - they use CoachNow for team communication and to educate their PGA certified coaches.

  • Skate Australia - the national sporting organization for skate sports in Australia. They use CoachNow to connect coaches across the nation with elite performance athletes.

  • Smith Stearns Tennis Academy - one of the best tennis academies in the nation. They use CaochNow to ensure all coaches and athletes are in one place to track elite development

  • International Junior Golf Academy - a boarding school for elite junior golfers. They use CoachNow to track performance amongst many coaches and keep the parents involved with their athlete’s development.

On the blog, we usually focus on how CoachNow can be used for private coaches, or entrepreneurial coaches hoping to grow their business in the digital age.

But for today’s post, I want to highlight 5 key reasons organizations LOVE CoachNow.

From streamlining training programs to showcasing progress, let's explore the multifaceted ways CoachNow enhances fitness and sporting organizations.

1. Enhance Communication with Athletes and Other Coaches

Efficient communication is key to the success of any organization.

And with CoachNow, it’s super easy to create a dynamic and collaborative environment for athletes and coaches alike.

Within Spaces and Groups, coaches can share important updates, training schedules, and tactical insights with players, support staff, supporting coaches, and even parents in a centralized location.

Of course, the ability to upload videos and images within CoachNow helps coaches give real-time feedback on their athletes’ performances.

Furthermore, you can leverage Groups so athletes can discuss tactics, strategies, and more with teammates.

In the long run, this helps you build community with your clients, fostering a collaborative spirit that increases the chances they’ll return.

But perhaps most important of all, CoachNow allows you to do ALL of this in ONE PLACE.

No more email, text, phone calls, youtube uploads, etc. We replace all those disparate channels for a one-stop-shop solution that makes it easy to stay on top of your athlete's needs.

2. Allow Multiple Coaches to Collaborate With One Athlete

Not only does CoachNow offer enhanced organization, it also opens up the door for collaboration in new ways.

In truth, no coach is highly skilled in all areas. Coaches are at their best when they focus on their main area of expertise.

And academies know this. They often already niche out the coaches they have into categories (e.g. fitness coaches, swing coaches, mental coaches).

But all too often, these coaches stand in isolation from the athletes perspective.

CoachNow’s communication features enable multiple coaches to surround an athlete with their varied expertise.

That way, when the athlete needs something specific, the right coach can chime in and help them on their way.

We make it easy for coaches to compliment each other's skills and see a multi-faceted lens on how their athlete is improving.

And by bringing together complementary specialists, you build a holistic team dedicated to the athlete's transformation.

For more on the power of collaboration in building your coaching business, check out our post on the topic: The Surprising Power of Collaboration

3. Streamline Onboarding of New Coaches

I was once a coach who worked at an academy. So this next point hits extra close to home.

Onboarding new coaches into an organization can be super tricky. When you’re brand new, it takes months (if not years) to fully understand how things are done.

But with Spaces and Groups in CoachNow, all you need to do is add a new coach to CoachNow and they can see YEARS worth of history with every athlete.

They can see the standard training protocols, how to address common pain points with athletes, and how to manage athlete relationships in line with the organization's expectations.

By using CoachNow, you’re giving new coaches a plethora of context while they get up to speed on how the business works.

In this way, using the platform inadvertently creates a database to streamline the onboarding of new staff.

4. Offer Passive Oversight for Managers and Parents

In a similar fashion, the transparent nature of Spaces and Groups enables stakeholders, managers, and directors to always have a pulse on their product and monitor coach performance.

When you’re training new coaches, you can follow along in their Space to make sure they are managing their relationships appropriately.

As far as I know, CoachNow is the only platform that enables this kind of oversight on the part of academy owners, managers, and directors.

Additionally, for youth academies, this transparency is also highly valuable for Parents of the athletes.

CoachNow facilitates seamless, passive parent involvement, without your need to do ANYTHING.

You can keep them informed about training schedules, progress reports, and upcoming events.

All you have to do is add them to your athletes Space and let them follow along as much as they’d like.

This transparent communication channel builds trust between the academy and parents, fostering a collaborative partnership in nurturing young athletes' growth.

And it’s especially helpful for overnight camps/ academies, so parents can stay connected to their kids' development, even when they are away.

After all, if parents are often the ones driving most of your business, it can’t hurt to give them a stellar experience too.
In a recent AMA, I spoke more on this topic, check it out: Should Athlete’s Add Their Parents to CoachNow?

5. Expand Your Income Streams and Grow Your Business

Organizations with a global footprint can leverage CoachNow to offer on-demand courses and give feedback to athletes, regardless of their location.

Plus, CoachNow can help your organization introduce low-cost subscription programs to move away from selling time for money.. Something I feel very strongly about.

For professional teams with international players, or academies with athletes from diverse backgrounds, CoachNow Groups can be built to foster a strong sense of community, helping your athletes learn from one another's experiences and techniques (i.e. create user generated content that’ll further increase the value of your offer…).

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In conclusion, CoachNow proves to be an indispensable asset for organizations aiming to maximize team collaboration and enhance overall performance.

Through its personalized training programs, seamless team communication, and global reach, CoachNow transforms the way coaches, athletes, and support staff interact and collaborate.

And the transparent nature of Spaces and Groups enables stakeholders, managers, and directors to always have a pulse on their product and monitor coach performance.

By leveraging this platform's innovative features, organizations can foster a culture of continuous improvement, achieve strategic goals, and pave the way for athlete success.

Plus, we offer custom pricing for academies and organizations. Just apply at this link and we’ll see what we can do.

Here’s to streamlining your org and growing faster than ever!
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